Aug 3, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cowabunga!? NECAwabunga you mean!

Finally my SDCC2018 NECA TMNT 1990 Movie (Best TMNT Movie, period) set has arrived.And the box is marvelous. It feels like a VHS from the movie and the figures, they look like the 1990s TMNT movie toys...
 Yes, much better than the 1990s Playmates Turtles, that look better than the 2010s Movie turtles from Playmates. Oh yeah, I went there. I had Don, Mike and Leo of the Movie Turtles. I loved that they were super squishy, but time is not a great mistress with squishy toys.
These Turtles tickled my nostalgia (Come on Foot Clan Set!! I need a Shredder, a Tatsu and 2 Foot Clan ninja)

They have stuff...

mandatory pose for any tmnt review.
No really, I use THAT Pose in
almost every TMNT review.
Aside the 80s ones, every other TMNT
toy goes by this ritual.
damn the NES Game!

So, do these Turtles make the cut, or will they make me yearn for Playmates, or Figuarts instead?
Let's find out:
The Articulation is peculiar. Like the Figuarts turtles, the pads hide the double joints a little bit. sadly, they hinder the range. The torso is on a ball joint, but is limited by the shell and plastron. There is no bicep swivel but there are Hasbro Elbows as well as the knees.  I kinda wish they had the butterfly joint at the torso for the sake of Mikey's nunchaku.
I won't tell them the secret of the Ooze

Paint and Sculpt:
 They look awesome. The pics don't do them justice. Hell when looking for movie pics to check the whole Urkel level belt on Don and Leo, some of the  toys popped up and using backgrounds similar to those from the movies, they fooled me a few times. But I have seen a few pics where the belts on Donny and Leo ride up a bit too much... Personally, I wish they were lower, but I'm not going to complain much about it.
Since Cam Clarke is still the voice of He-Man, as seen on the
Tappers of Grayskull game, is this the same Xenogears reference?
You know This song needs to be here...
8 extra hands
Ooze Canister
Weapons (1 staff, 2 ninjato, 2 sai, 2 nunchaku)
8 pizza slices
Pizza box
1 extra bandana knotted ends for each turtle. (They are a bitch to put back once removes, so I didn't use them in the review) But it feels like it's lacking something... Extra head for an alternate expression and maybe extra hands. Kinda hard to make 3 Turtles hold pizza when only 2 pizza holding hands are available. They have a lot but it needed to be 20% cooler.
But due to the number of items, they do get a 5.0

The Turtles get a 4.83 as their final score. The slight issue with articulation and Crap! They just fell. Good thing I have them without their weapons... Now where the hell is that pizza slice!
Yeah, their feet are a bit finnicky. Might have to get a stand or use blu tac. BE CAREFUL WITH THESE... It's NECA!

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