Aug 18, 2018

The Classicizer would be the only thing that would make me be at peace with Etherian Utena...

Yes, you are reading that right... I'm suggesting that Netflix She-Ra should get the MOTUC Treatment...
We know that Mattel will do the "cartoon accurate" kids line along the lines of DCSHG... Now Classicizing Nu-She-Ra is important for two reasons:

-It VALIDATES the show as part of the MOTU Legacy (no matter how bad it could be)
-It expands the Parts library and customizing potential.

Secret reason: If the 4Horsemen go full classicizer and adding details to make them look as good as MOTUC Bow, I'm sure that most of the redesigns would be accepted IF the 4Horsemen treatment destroys the blandness from the (un)original designs.

But let's be honest here:
I know it's a LONG shot... There are way too many characters that need to be done before we scrape that gunk beneath the barrel... NA, 200X, The 87 movie, NU52... etc.

I'm TRYING to find a way for Nu-She-Ra to be appealing and I'm trying to use the same formula that made me like New Adventures... and to be honest, the one thing that COULD work is a kickass figure... Mind that in my display they will be OTHER People... Like She-Ra being Dare's Cousin and heir to the power. Bow would be Clamp Champ's kid who is Normal Bow's new sidekick. Catra would be a Qadian who rebelled and joined the remnants of the Horde and so forth.

But IF Super7 were to make 7 inch figures of Nu-She-Ra, I'd rather have the Horsemen go FULL CLASSICS on them so we can see potential...


  1. anybody with talent can fix that awful design, but it's not really necessary, because the cartoon will still be awful

    1. Talent is not really needed. Just an understamding of the source material and genre.

      Theoretically speaking, even I could design better outfits for them... I might challenge myself to do a redesign of Bow, Glimmer, She-Ra, Adora, and Catra.

      But yeah,I have little hioes for the show.