Aug 30, 2018

Now that we have 2 out of 5, What is Hasbro waiting for the other 3~?

I'm talking about the Life Foundation Venom Spawn 5.
Lasher, Scream, Phage, Riot, and Agony
We have Lasher and Scream (Lizard and Monster Venom waves) The remaining 3 are in need of VERY FEW Parts.

Agony, because ladies first would be a Repainted Scream with new head and forearms.

Riot is the easiest one because it's LITERALLY Venom Repainted. Persnoally I'd swap his forearms with Toxin's just to make him a bit different enough from Venom. A repaint of the McFarlane head could work with him.

Phage I'd use Carnage as a base. His forearm and legTendrils can be replaced by the spikier ones from Phage. He can easily reuse the left longer hand. A New Spiky back piece, head and Right Hand.
and that's pretty much it!

These guys are a much welcome Low tooling figure alternative that Hasbro needs to pad out Spidey waves.

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