Aug 30, 2018

Revisiting Shenmue...

I have cosplayed as Fat Ryo Hazuki and have fondly remembered Shenmue. So, it's needless to say that I'm  a Shenmue fan. Yesterday was my day off on both of my jobs and I spent most of the day playing Shenmue... the game arrived Tuesday night.
I'm roughly 3/4 to the second Dreamcast disc... or what would've been IF I was playing on Dreamcast.
I'm stoked that I'm able to play Shenmue once again since my Dreamcast is on the verge of death.  I know I'm going too fast for some achievements and stuff, but I don't care. I just wanna play Shenmue.
They removed the last digit of the phone numbers.
People were calling Warehouse no.8 or something.

The experoemce has been 85% good. These ports are a bit buggy and SEGA is working on patching the game as we speak. Some people have claimed having issues with cutscenes where they play tp a black screen. I've been lucky. The Excite QTE bug hit me... SEGA needs to fix this. The most annoying bug is that My Ryo does not want to get sweaty and practice his moves. While NOT game breaking, it puts me at a horrible disadvantage.

Other than that I feel right at home when playing with this old friend... I remember what I have to do, but HAVING TO FOLLOW THE GAME'S logic CAN be a bit frustrating. But that's not exclusive to Shenmue. I cannot oretend that everyrhing is peachy here. SEGA rushed the ports and a few glitches have been annoying. Despite that I will FINALLY ABLE TO PLAY Shenmue 2 as intended!!

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