Aug 10, 2018

Well, I decided to make a Theoretical Prince Adam for She-ra 2018

Simply by mimicking the process to get She-ra...
If She-ra's outfit is a small tweak on Utena's
You know, taking an anime character and giving it some tweaks to said character's outfit to make it somewhat similar to the Mattel toy. But that required a long process of thinking, which character can I rip-off that could easily explain what Adam is supposed to be about.
I needed a character who had a great power that could be destructive in the wrong hands. A character that is mostly good natured, but has an air of irresponsibility around him and would unleash his power to protect the innocent, especially those close to him.
Also had to be a teen... with a VERY UNIQUE OUTFIT...
Also he needs to either be a bit effeminate or have some homoerotic undertones... It's not like I could be all Pick Naruto and call it a day... Wait a minute! THAT'S IT!!
Naruto was the perfect inspiration for Prince Adam. When painting the Tracksuit in Adam Colors, it looked a bit FFVII-ISH, so adding the left Pauldron to a purple clad nlond dude carrying a bug sword made sense... especially since said dude filled MOST of the previously mentioned criteria as well.
The point is that there are tips and tricks to tell things with the outfits of characters. Like a knee brace tells you that the character suffered an injury or is a bit past their prime. A prince wearing a commoner attire would tell you that he is very carefree and doesn't take his princely duties seriously.  Glasses give an erudite appearance, while wearing Dark sunglasses makes you a bit shady.

You can have your fun with that if you want to make a small shout out to something else. Like say: We have a theoretical Wolverine movie  where Logan takes a leave of absence from the X-Men to deal with a situation on his own... say Omega Red is hunting the Team X members who took the C-Synthesizer. Logan heads to Canada but Kitty tagged along. With Red too close on his tail, It's too risky to turn back to the mansion and pit Kitty in a safe place. They bond throughout the movie and by the end, Logan decides to teach her martial arts. We cut to a scen of Cyclops checking the Danger Room monitors to punch in a session and he notices Wolverine and Kitty doing a kata in what looks like a beach. Logan is wearing an attire similar to Mr. Miyagi and Kitty's outfit looks similar to Daniel LaRusso's.

It's a visual gag that tells a lot to those in the know, but it's not good to rely on those. The reason is that if your character spends more time dressed as a didderent character from a different property, then the charavter has no real personality and it's borrowing from the one that inspired the outfit.

Bringing this back to She-Ra: I'm worried that these hipsters who DIDN'T GREW UP WITH  SHE-RA are trying to FORCE OTHER THINGS that THEY GREW UP WITH instead of being respectful and reverent to the source material. I KNOW it kinda feels like beating a dead horse, BUUT, whenever stupidity shows its way to defend this, I will rant about it... A lot of the people defending this have admitted that they didn't grew up with the original or even CARE about the property. They are simply defending the show because "the controversy" to promote their tumblr art and that's a load of crap. Right now, the only thing that might save the show is the writing, but based on reading a couple of issues of Lumberjanes, The bar is PRETTY LOW.

Here's a Theoretical Hordak...
Super ORIGINAL DESIGN for him.

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