Aug 29, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest My 3 legged Robo horse...

Stridor is Super7's response to Mattel's Nightstalker... You know I reviewed Nightstalker already.
Well, Fisto's Robo Horsey arrived, but with 3 legs attached. They didn't attach the 4th. HE IS FINE, People... All it took was blow drying the leg and popping it in. UNLIKE MATTEL'S Griffin, Stridor's leg stayed in place once popped in. Also, Hi, Scott! Thanks for indirectly referencing me at Power-Con. So good to know I still have rent-free space available to crash in your head. Hope everything is going well with your pin thingies at Entertainment Earth. (Since he's one of my 20 loyal readers, I have to make him feel special... I love all of ya, but none of you were my nemesis... Well, except Scotty...)
Where was I?
Stridor is usually known as Fisto's ride. Since my Fisto is still in storage, I will use S7's DC Comics Adam as his substitute rider.

Pretty much the same that applied to Nightstalker, applies here. It's harder to hold a 2 legged stance with Stridor, though.

Paint and Sculpt:
Paintjob is minimal, he's pretty much molded in the appropriate colors. Which brings my next issue:
The pseudo silver plastic isn't that shiny. It looks too grey. I had to repaint mine... I shouldn't have to, but... here we are.
funny how two cameras see colors differently

I have to be fair, though. My issues are technically nitpicks...

Well, since Super7 used the Nightstalker mold, the shield is gone... Luckily one of the shapeways masters did his magic and has a shield that you can attach with blu tac "so you don't damage the figure" Me? I'm gluing it. Here's the link to the shield. MOTU fans come to the rescue when Mattel, or in this case Super7 are unable to do things right. Yes, there is some snark on my remark there, because THAT is THING #2 in what makes Stridor DIFFERENT From Nightstalker.
So, now that Mr. Wright brought this to my attention, points must be deducted.

Stridor Helmet
Nightstalker Helmet, because reasons...

4.0 for Mr. Stridor. I'm not sure if MOTU fatigue is coming back, or if Super7's "Making it up as we go along" strategy is making me weary; but I'm underwhelmed with Stridor. I feel that the inaccuracies pushed him from a "YES!! Stridor!!" to a "huh, cool... Stridor." if you catch my drift.

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