Jan 23, 2017

Knee-Deep in Dead to The Shores of Hell

Inferno Thy Flesh Consumed... All of these terms are a grim reminder of a VERY SPECIAL Videogame...

Yup, I'm talking about DOOM! I was delayed in my review because my save file was corrupted and I was unable to fix it by replaying the previous level and beating it.

So, 2016's Doom... What can I say: It's a very modern Doom. I have not Played Doom 3, so I cannot comment on the more modern aspects of Doom... I have played 1,2, and Final Doom... OK I also played a bit of Doom 64.

I'm not sure if it's a reboot or a sequel... (Looks like I'll have to hunt for Doom3 for PS3...)
So it starts out in a facility on Mars of the Union Aerospace Corporation... All Hell breaks loose and you have to stop it. Weird thing is that you were inside a sarcophagus and the Doomguy Armor is some sort of ancient arcane armor... (Possibly hinting to the player being the Original Doomguy.)
So, now you have to kick some demon ass... Normally, I'd save that for the in depth look at the story.

I'd better get to the detailed ratings part:


As mentioned above, it seems like the story is a reboot/retread of the Original Doom... Not certain if Doom3 is tied in somehow. Point is: Hell breaks loose, you need to clean up all the demon crap coming out of hell... and by clean up, I mean killing those demons.


Of course, they are WAY better than the old Win98 Graphics of the Original Doom. I'm not too fond of SOME of the redesigns, but a few of those stem from the Doom 3 Redesigns, which I still haven't gotten used to... Kinda need to play that one.

I have to say that the Hell Levels remind me for some reason of the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia... I got to give them a


The controls are pretty responsive. IT'S rare to die due to a control issue. (Though an occasional slip-up will happen for people who aren't hardcore FPS gamers...)

It's Frigging Doom...

Not THAT Doom... But you get the idea... First Person, run, shoot, kill the forces of Hell before they kill you... Also, locate a buttload of Secrets.

Sounds and Music:
There are some themes reminiscent of Classic Doom... and some classic themes on the Classic Levels. The effects are what you expect of a modern game as well as the voice acting.
Fun Factor:
If you're fan of Doom, then the Fun has been doubled... you get the new game and a few Old School Levels to play with... WITH YOUR NEW ABILITIES... Yay, Double Jumping!

Doom gets a nice 8.5 on the Single Player stuff... I don't do Online Multiplayer, so I cannot judge that area. If you're into that then, my review is not of much help to you.

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