Jan 12, 2017


Since "I Killed Mattycollector", I thought it would be appropriate for me to look at the final Year of MOTUC at Matty.
*As of the time of writing my Tuskador has NOT arrived. So, as in other posts, I'll post my general thoughts on him and the grade will be based on those impressions. The "grade" the toy receives is not necessarily the same as the score it gets on an It Came from the Toy Chest. My biases have more power here than on the more objective reviews.

Let's begin: This is the first "Neitlichless year" except (if we believe Neitlich) Mattel used his gameplan and he's meant to be worshiped for the good. If it's something bad, then the new team messed up with his plan.

Lord Masque: C-
Wrong colors, despite Mattel attempting to fix them. I was forced to repaint mine to make him more MOTUC. His accessories are not his, but meant for NA He-Man or Dare.

Vultak: C+So, another figure who needed to be visited by captain Paintbrush. His QC being all over the place didn't do him any favors. At least the accessories were meant for him...

Darius: B-
To be honest, the ankle gap ruined him for me, but other than that, he IS A PRETTY SOLID FIGURE. I know, I repainted mine, but that was for my own reasons.

Crita: D
I did say on the review that she was getting the D... as in the grade. Limited Articulation, paint issues, odd QC issues with her weapon made her a background figure... but at least she was made, right?

Despara: D-
It hurts me to grade Despara that low. If you thought Crita had issues, Despara took those issues and went Super Saiyajin God with them. Then having weapons meant for male figures ends up ruining her already fragile hands.

General Sunder: B+
Army Building Potential squandered by Mattel. Hopefully Super7 will pick up the pace and release single-carded Troopers. He's rather nice,

Horde Wraith: B-
I know I thought of him on his own a bit lame. Blame the glossy plastic and the awkward accessory, but with an army, it looks EPIC

Nightstalker: A-
He's Yuuuuuuuge! But the Neck would be the only nitpick about him.

Tuskador: B+
They say he's a beast! With slight Articulation issues. The sculpt looks amazeballs, for a guy who reuses Ram Man parts, he looks Unique. Once I get mine, I can look at him in-depth.

Serpentine Hssss: C-
I'm still miffed at how he was made available. It sucks that he's virtually no new parts, aside the upper torso. But it completes the Real HSSSS, whether Vintage or 200X.

Anti-Eternia He-Man: A-
Vanilla He-Man... In black but with more accessories... There's Not Much to say about him.

Roton: A
Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, the added Skelcon is pretty cool as well, but the price tag is a bit ludicrous.

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