Jan 10, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!!

This time it's not you Scott, so quit your belly-achin'!
I'm talking about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Golden Oak Library.

It was blown up to promote the new Crystal Castle (no relationship to POP) playset for Twilight.

Do I need to explain what it is? I mean it was Twilight's home for the first few seasons.

I only got it for the sole reason of it being the Golden Oak Library... Screw the Castle of Friendship...

since it's a "playset" for unarticulated figurines, let's talk the gimmicks...
Opening door. Sure, you can plug the telescope in one of the two balconies. (It's more accurate to use the higher one, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF TAKING PICTURES FAR EASIER, I used the Lower one.)

It comes with Owlowiscious, so Twilight can have a little companion in Blind Bag scale... Just like Maud came with Gummy for Pinkie... Wonder if there's a Spike in this scale. There are two books and a chest, that I assume it's meant for the Elements of Harmony. This set comes with Nightmare Night Starswirl the Bearded Costume for Twilight and a Special Zecora in the NN outfit. (Normal Zecora has a mohawk.

All the outfits are removable, but Zecora's wig is attached to her head (and there's no Mohawk, so if you NEED a Zecora, the Secondary market will have to do.)

There's a part of me that says: You should've saved this review for Halloween, but I couldn't wait.

To me this is more of a Display Piece than a playset. The small pieces might cause some problems if given to children.

Bronies on the other hand will mourn the Golden Oak Library...

Since these are mini statues, I can't rate this as an action figure, and the playset is more a diorama.

If you have tons of blind bag scaled ponies, this is a must have. (IIRC there's a Sugar Cube Corner with a Cheese Sandwich)

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