Oct 17, 2018

Crazy ideas for Halloween costumes...

Halloween is coming. Most people will use a straight out of the rack costume of whatever is in right now... Batman, Deadpool, you name it... well, I will help you to have a costume that not everyone might have and it's mostly straight out of the rack... none of that high end and hard work Cosplay stuff... I know it's cool and all, but your lazy ass forgot to get a costume and is now looking at  for ideas... and you need somethingthat cam be done with your barely elementary school levels of arts and crafts prowess.

- Idea one:
Pool noodle, poster board, paint, elastic headband, picture of Harambe.
Take pool noodle cut it long enough to get 2 pieces of posterboard with the word censored attached to it.
Take another piece of posterboard and make a thought cloud... staple it to the headband and glue the Harambe pic to it... there you go, now you're Dicks out for Harambe guy...

-Idea two:
Angel costume, Gorilla hands and mask... Now you're Harambe.

-idea three:
This one is a bit more expensive and requires a full body morphsuit, a piece of cloth almost your size and of similar color to the morph suit. Jean shorts, sneakers John Cena U can't see me sweatbands... You're John Cena.

-idea four:
This one might be a little controversial because it's related to Donald Trump.
White outfit, white elastic Headband, Donald Trump plushie or Funko Pop!
Attach Trump to headband, preferably near his feet. Congratulations, you're the piece of Toilet Paper that got stuck to the Donald.

-idea five:
Controversial because Trump! This one is for his haters.
Trump Mask or wig, cheap barbie knockoff, Toad plushie or the 8-bit world of Nintendo Toad.
Attach Toad to crotch... if anyone asks about the doll deny that it's Stormy Daniels.

-idea six:
Controversial because Trump! This one is for his fans. But it requires a couple of days for Prep Time.
Trump Mask, The most ostentatious pieces of knight, centurion, and cyborg armor you can find at the store, lots and lots of gold paint. Don't forget an oversized sword and gun, tape to cover the orange cap on the gun when repainting, and last but not least an American Eagle plushie.
Take the armor pieces and weapons and paint them gold. If you can get an American Flag couch throw, get it. That will be the cape. (It's not the actual flag, so there is no violation) attach eagle to shoulder and now younare God Emperor Trump.

-idea seven:
2 white t-shirts, scissors, electrical tape (black), gold and blue paint, an ommitrix, blonde wig.
Take one shirt and add tap mimicking the design on Ben Tennyson's shirt. Cut and paint the other shirt in new She-Ra's outfit design. Wear the ben Shirt and Omnitrix. Look at the wog and outfit in disdain, congratulations now you are a new She-Ra hater.

-idea eight:
For this idea, shaving your arms is heavily recommended.
Black flex seal.
Spray flex seal on shaved arm. Now you're Eddie Brock being infected by the symbiote. If you feel courageous, you could add red paint and a red party city wig and say you're Woody Harrelson...

-idea nine:
This one is expensive since it requires a full body green morphsuit, preferably green, round white stickers, "greaser jacket", black pants and biker boots, a dowel and red, orange and yellow cellophane.
Cover the dowel in cellophane and make it look like flames. Wear the outfit. Pretend that the cellophane dowel is your urine... You are Nicolas Cage pissing away his career.

-idea ten: (shoot! I should've done the Ben Ten one here...)
Get a cardboard box big enough for you to get inside. Don't move, orsay anything. Just write:
"Katze drinnen, nicht öffnen
E. Schrödinger"
Yes, you are Schrödinger's cat.

-idea eleven:
This one is a bit unorthodox, but the theatre fans will love it...
A friend, 2 lifesize skeletons (preferably fake...) 2 bowler hats, 2 "hello my name is" tags. (One for each hat. One will have Didi written on it. The other will have Gogo. Have the friend put the Skeletons wearing the hats at the party first. Preferably sitting as if waiting for someone. After the skeletons have been hanging out for a while you come in with a Third "hello my name is" tag with the name Godot written on it.

Idea twelve:
This one is rather easy, but it could turn expensive...
A Power Ranger in civilian mode. Here I won't do specifics, because there's too many darn rangers. But as an example:
Tommy, Mighty Morphin era.
You'd need the green tanktop, the green headband, the black pants. A slightly longish hair wig or short ponytail.
If you do white, then ditch the headband and give him a white tanktop maybe a larger white shirt with the sleeves and neck cut off, longer ponytail. A Mighty Morphin' communicator is recommended. Morpher is NOT NECESSARY, BUT IS A NICE TOUCH. If you do Billy, Glasses and blhe clothing are mandatory. Personally, I'd go for the dark blue polo shirt with colored stripes and blue overalls.
Of course these work best when done in group... whether same team, or a "forever red", or all the Tommys kind of thing.

-idea thirteen:
This one is a bit of a spin-off of twelve, but not a Power Ranger exclusive... Superhero secret ID/civilian clothes.
Costs and items required may vary between characters.
For example, Bruce Banner is literally torn purple pants.
Tony Stark only needs a touchlight mildly repainted that can be attached to a shirt... (magnets maybe?) Peter Parker would only need a Spidey mask that pokes out of a pocket and an old school camera.  Clark Kent is just a shirt and suit. Also a comoression shirt with the Superman insignia is recommended. (Looks better than a plain Super T-shirt)
Cyclops would require fancy glasses, etc.

Some require some more prep time than others, but the results are much more refreshing than 7 Suicide Squad Harleys and 12 crappy store bought Deadpools.

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