Oct 15, 2018

Finally saw the Doctress...

Of course I was referring to the Newest iteration of The Doctor... it wasn't a disaster, which is good... but she wasn't great either, which is bad. To be fair,  I've seen only 2 episodes with her. So Jodie may still be trying (a bit too hard) to get her groove.
The episodes have been a bit meh. Chibnall's writing SO FAR is making Moffat's worst seem decent. Maybe he's just trying to get his groove as well.

I hope both Chibnall and Jodie can get their groove, because I see potential (despite this being motivated by pandering to social justice minded people). I especially loved the nod to the Third Doctor's Venusian Aikido.

Looks like I'll have to wait for a few more episodes before I can truly pass judgement on the Doctress experiment.

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