Oct 14, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest... Riding Black Widow...

Not in THAT WAY, you PERV!!
I mean the ML Black Widow that can ride a bike... Hence the Riding Black Widow... Not to be confused with Vintage Black Widow (who has appeared in other ICFtTC) Black Widow: Russian Spy... For some reason is in the Avengers movies...
Before getting the Yelena
Spike! Don't look for the disappointed ScarJo pic...

So, Black Widow in a bike...

If I don't reference this... then it
wouldn't be me.
Like Previous Recent Female ML. No Boot Cut, using single joint elbow (that has added rotation to replace the bicep cut... aka the Hasbro Elbow) Her legs are slightly loose though.

Paint and Sculpt:
Finally, I have a black Widow and a Mary Jane
that don't look like twins.
The body is mostly nice for a Black Widow... I only wish they had given her an actual belt like Vintage BW. Painted belt looks like ASS! No signs of slop on her... well until I repainted the short haired head into a faux Yelena Belova.

Extra head and Bike... I honestly bought her for 2 reasons: Long haired head to make Vintage Natasha look different from Mary Jane. Short haired head to repaint and make a Yelena... Screw the bike...
I told you that Spider-Man noir
would make an easy Red Skull Custom.

Black Widow gets a 4.17 as her final score. She's not bad... just a little bare bones... I blame the bike. Glad I got her at 60% off when TRU was closing down. Now I have my Yelena Belova until Hasbro makes one for real.

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