Oct 15, 2018

"Wrestling is fake": the rant

You have most likely heard that expression before. One side uses it to dismiss any credibility that Wrestling (not the Olympic kind) has. The other side argues that it isn't fake... I KNOW I WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT AN END TO THIS DEBATE, but I will share my opinions on it nonetheless.

Wrestling IS FAKE. Period.
Before you take out the torches and pitchforks, hear me out...

It's almost like a stunt show. You have these performers doing dramatizations of an over the top fight utilizing a script and a very detailed choreography. So yeah, THIS MAKES IT FAKE. Like the stunt show, some of the maneuvers utilized could be dangerous if done improperly. Nearly 20 years ago I did learn a few basic things about it and it hurt... The ropes hurt, taking bumps gurts and that's  not getting to the hardcore stuff... Kendo sticks hurt!! So yeah, Wrestling IS NOT FAKE...

Lost you there for a second... you're already going Phoenix Wright on me. I said it was fake now it isn't?
The WWE calls itself a "Sports Entertainment" company.
Seems the closest to appropriate title to use.

If we have stretched the definition of Sports to cover Videogames, then 2 or more men faux brawling would fit the definition as well... even if I don't agree due to the scripted part. Real Sports aren't scripted.

The issue with "wrestling being fake" lies in the whole attempt of "legitimizing it as a sport".
The whole "pretending it's a real sport" aspect turns off some people...

"Nefty, But Spider-Man is not real, Game of Thrones isn't real, nor all that weird porn you watch on the internet!"

Duh... no one cam get powers from a Spider bite, dragons are not real and I seriously question the qualifications of those pizza delivery boys, plumbers, and cab drivers.
Holy crap! Wrestling IS LIKE porn in that aspect...
They try to sell you something that they are not...
THAT is the issue here. Some people can suspend their disbelief when watching obviois works of fiction... their suspension of disbelief is broken when you have two "athletes" competing for a championship belt, but one is an "undead zombie" who is not above "killing" and the other is a Literal clown.

So yeah, Wrestling IS FAKE.. and there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT being fake. As long as it's entertaining and the talwnt can perform amazing feats (safely enough) then there is NOTHING WRONG with enjoying Wrestling.

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