Oct 5, 2018

Spidey get in the Robot...

Zankoku na tenshi no you ni shounen yo shinwa ni nare...
Did I just crossed EVAngelion and Spidey again? Stupid SP//DR EVA knock-off!
Yes, I'm reviewing the SP//DR BAF... The Spidey from an Alternate Universe where everything is like EVA... Peter is a girl... and like Shinji...

So let's get cracking:

This is a weird one. SP//DR has a LOT LESS Articulation than A Normal Marvel Legend, yet I was able to pull off KEY Spidey Poses with it. It seems as if the Articulation was geared to pass My Spidey Test.

Paint and Sculpt:
It Kinda looks like the character... Mechs are never drawn the same every time I see them in comics. It captures the essence of it. One of the feet had a bit of paint that flaked off. Other than that, it's decent.

N/A it's a BAF.

SP//DR gets a 4.5 as its final score. I don't care about it, but I wanted MOST of the wave, so House of M(orons) Spidey was the hit I had to take.

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