Oct 23, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: The Thing just loves to fight!

Call the Four! Fantastic Four!! and you get the drill. Ben Grimm is the final member of the 4 figures from the Fantastic Four that were made as Walgreens Exclusives. There are rumors of a Doom and a Super Skrull, but Magik from an X-Team is the next one. Mystique will follow.
Ben Grimm, Pilot, cursed by Cosmic Rays to become The Thing. A Man shaped pile of rocks that is super strong, but not exactly great for cuddling.

Ben has a bit less Articulation than his Toy Biz Counterpart (Series 2).
Ben: It's Clobberin' Time!
While, yes he has less articulation in some areas, but in other, it surpasses ToyBiz.
His Articulation is reminiscent of Monster Venom... Aside the ab being a pseudo ball joint.

paint and sculpt:
Here I am torn... I hate his head Sculpts... They remind me a bit too much of the Hanna Barbera cartoon. Don't get me wrong, They are Great Sculpts. Maybe it's just being too accustomed to The Toy Biz Ben that his face clashes a little bit with me. His body is FAR BETTER than the Toy Biz one from a visual point of view. His rocks look as multiple rocks put together instead of a semi featureless body with cracks sculpted into it.
There is very little paint as he is mostly orange sporting blue trunks. Most of the paint comes from the wash given to his body to highlight the rocks. Aside one of his hands looking a bit "muddy" the wash is really good.

Ben: Take off his helmet webs!
Spidey: TRYING!! Thing's more stuck than
the pages of Johnny's Victoria's Secret
Cap: I understood that reference, and ew!
Extra head
Extra hands
As basic as we can get for a Ben Grimm Figure. Taking into consideration that as a Walgreens exclusive, he used a boatload of new tooling... which is rare since most of the Walgreens exclusive figures are barely a New Head and that's it.

Ben gets a 4.67 as his final score. I think that's the BEST we can get from a Ben Grimm unless Hasbro decided to use a third set of hands with articulated fingers. Now to figure out how to give him a little cigar... Screw Quesada, My Thing Smokes Cigars... and so does my Logan but all his hands are fists.
Now to find a head to make a Flame Off

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