Oct 25, 2018

Wonder Woman being the key for a soft reboot to the DCEU rumors.

They have been around for some time. We then add the rumors of recasting of both Batman and Superman. It's like all the pieces are falling in place for a reboot.

But this is me:

Warner you're doing the same mistake that Fox did when they rebooted X-Men and tried to keep Hugh Jackman tagging along. And as much as I loved Jackman as Wolverine he got old. Same thing will happen to Gadot. Shes in her 30s now. Getting "past her Hollywood prime"... (as sexist as it sounds) you might be able to squeeze a movie or two out of her but not much because once she reaches the 40s... yeah she's going to be cast in any action role as Wonder Woman unless she retains her youthful looks.

If I reboot had to be done you needed to wipe the entire slate clean but... Warner you're so desperate in trying to get that Avengers money that you're screwing up everything for the sake of a little money. Your lack of planning shows that you weren't ready for a shared universe. You had a Super easy way out of this corner...
It wears red clothing and has a lightning bolt on his chest...

I hope WW84 is good. Heck! I want DC to stand next to the MCU as equals just like they do in the comics... but WB is asking Fox to hold their beer way too much.

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