Oct 13, 2018

50 Marvel Legends that need to be revisited

We have seen how Hasbro has revisited certain characters in Legends from the Toybiz  and Hasbro eras where have made tweaks and improvements upon them... Well here's my list of Marvel Legends Figures that NEED to be revisited. I may not wanr all of them, but all of my choices NEED a revisit.

-50 Beast:
The Toy Biz Beast is DECENT. The main issue is the Torso Articulation... or lack of it and that it's crooked as heck.

-49 Vulture:
The ToyBiz Vulture looks amazeballs, but that is ultra rare as hell to find and he's the last of the S6 that Hasbro hasn't updated. Hasbro should LOOK at their Darkhawk as an inspiration to update Toomes.

-48 Toad: 
ML1 ToyBiz Toad sucks... He's a Statue, period. If there's a character that BEGS for an update is him. (Man-Spider would be another, but he didn't make the list OFFICIALLY...)

-47 Emma Frost: (Gen X Outfit)
I mention the Gen X Outfit so she can be "different enough" from the past 2 Emmas.
She also could reuse bits from Typhoid Mary or Domino depending on which Gen X outfit they do her.

-46 Banshee:
Dude needs 2 heads and the original Hasbro one is fugly as sin.

-45 Quicksilver:
Updated Hasbro body, extra hands, maybe clip on speed effects...

-44 Blob: Articulation, please.

We haven't had a "Classic Thor" Since Giant Man... We have gotten plenty of MODERN Thors, Hemsworth Thors, but not an honest to goodness Classic Thor.

-42 Hulk: (Comic Book Version of Banner)
We've gotten so many, too many Ruffalo Hulks or Planet Hulk, Recent Hulk... Just gimme Classic Hulk, with maybe a Smart Hulk additional head for fun.

-41 Avalanche: 
XMC Avalanche is NOT in his Classic Outfit... You can see the trend here...

-40 Warmachine: (Comics)
We've had way too many movie Rhodeys... We need an updated Classic comic book Rhodey.
Seriously, the last Toybiz one was made using a SERIES I ML body...

-39 Doc Samson:
Hasbro's only attempt at him Failed SOO BADLY I mean it's bad...

-38 Mandarin: 
Robes that seal off all the articulation and make him look like he's making snow angels while standing?

-37 Storm:
We need her to yell at nature and to complete THAT X-Men Cartoon Team!

-36 Nightcrawler:
The ToyBiz Figure is theoretically speaking fine and dandy, but I'm curious to what Hasbro would do with blue devil Screech... The Toybiz Version looks a bit like Screech...

-35 Colossus: (Classic Outfit)
ToyBiz is OK, but There is room for improvement... The Warlock colossus is OK, but that's not his Iconic outfit.

-34 Apocalypse: (ToyBiz BAF, but in 6-7 inches)
Like I said, We haven't had a normal sized ICONIC Apocalypse... The Toy Biz BAF is the most iconic version of him but he's too big.

Mr. Sinister:
Eventually we will NEED ONE...

-33 Classic Power Man:
Toy Biz failed with the weird hand sculpt. This needs to be corrected. Modern Cage is NOT POWER MAN!!

-32 Lady Deathstrike:
To correct Mistakes form the Toybiz era...

-31 Spiral:
She was NEARLY perfect from the waist up... The waist down ruins her AND she could have used interchangeable heads instead of the Helmet... Redeem yourselves, Hasbro...

-30 Arachne: (Spider-Woman 2)
We haven't had an updated Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman.

-29 Mar-Vell (and Genis Vell):
I know that those are 2 characters, but they reuse over 90% parts. Getting one redone would guarantee the other and even get us parts for Quasar.

-28 Jigsaw: (Suit version)
I know ToyBiz made a decent one, but so was Kingpin and Hasbro is giving us one...

-27 J. Jonah Jameson:
We "Have JJJ" but at the same time we don't. He's literally Chameleon disguised as JJJ.
We need a JJJ that is NOT a gimmick to another character. Most of the images of JJJ in comics is him without a jacket and only wearing Shirt, Tie, sometimes a vest, or at least gimme a repaint of the Chameleon buck.

-26 Hammerhead:
The Chameleon disguised as Hammerhead is nice, but Chameleon is TOO SMALL for Hammerhead. He needs a heftier body... Not Tombstone big, but bigger than Chameleon. Or at least gimme a chameleon buck with a closed jacket and pinstripe pattern because Hammerhead.

-25 Falcon: (Comic Book versions Pre-MCU)
We haven't had a Comic Falcon since Toy Biz... We need this mistake corrected.

-24 Mole Man:
Decent sculpt, horrible articulation... (This seemed to be the problem with parts of the Ronan wave...)  Also, he's barely able to stand due to his articulation barely allowing him to keep his feet fully planted on surfaces.

-23 Cannonball: 
The Hasbro Cannonball was made using the Ghost Rider body, which made Sam look anorexic... The new Ghost rider with bike (review coming soon) has a bulkier body that could be reused for Sam.

-22 Black Cat:
But Nefty, we ARE getting a modern Black Cat on 2019... We also have the Classic Black Cat that kinda brought you back to ML.
Yes, but do we have an Evil that Men do Black Cat that doesn't look like Bea Arthur with a long wig?

-21 Daken:
Wolvie's son had an OK figure, but now with the interchangeable hands and heads, we could get a full Daken Experience using the Cyke buck.

-20 US Agent:
The one from way back in Hasbro ML seems Tiny compared to Cap. Also, Hasbro could give us both of his shields (Round Cap-like shield) and the eagle shield.

-19 Kang the Conqueror:
Last time we saw him, he was in Ares BAF wave... we kinda need a new one.

-18 Dragon man:
We haven't had one since FFC.

-17 Scorpion:
We need a Gargan Scorpion WITHOUT any action feature.

-16 Hydroman:
Action features ruined the ToyBiz Hydroman. Now let's have him without them.

-15 Tarantula:
Figure was a mess. Needs to be redone.

-14 Demogoblin:
Reusing the new GG buck with new head/glider.

-13 Blackheart: 
Toybiz made a puny one... if Hasbro made him as a BAF, he'd be mindblowing.

-12 Bruce Banner: We need a Comic Book Banner. He's Literally 2 heads and a lab coat... Or just 2 heads if we make a post-hulking out Banner... The ToyBiz one was, well, Puny...

-11 The Leader:
2 for one figure... give him both heads, the classic "smokestack head" and the "scrotum head"

-10 Electro:
I KNOW that Space Venom had a Great Electro, but that's a MODERN Electro. If we're getting Classic Kraven as a repaint from Modern Kraven, Why NOT Electro repainted as his classic self? Maybe add 2 non electrifying hands?

-9 Doctor Doom:
I know that in 2012 we got a repaint from the Ronan Wave Doom, but that sculpt is outdated... We need a DECENT Doom with a better cloak.

-8 Nick Fury:
I'm talking about the Not Cinematic One. Basically an update to 2009's Nick Fury, but adding a Nick Jr. head for those who prefer the Samuel L. Jackson Fury.

-7 Tigra:
Another victim of Hasbro's awkward years in articulation. A New furry buck would be beneficial for her and other female furry characters like Wolfsbane... just saying.

-6  Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil Set:
I know those are 2 Figures and Zabu, but they NEED a remake. Ka-Zar is wearing a caucasian Flesh body suit and Shanna has outdated articulation and don't get me started on Zabu.

-5 F4 She-Hulk:
She-Hulk was updated for the A-Force six pack... Repaint of that She-Hulk with new headsculpt reflecting her time as a member of the Fantastic 4.

-4 Maestro: 
My ToyBiz Maestro broke on the torso and he was on a shelf untouched for ages. Maybe Hasbro could revisit him... Whether it's as a BAF or normal figure...

-3 Howard the Duck:
ToyBiz gave us OLD School Howard... Hasbro could give us a Modern Howard, maybe as a pack in with another figure or multipack.

-2 Vengeance:
We got a cool Ghost Rider with bike Recently... Vengeance could use an update...

-1 Thanos:
The Classic Thanos hasn't been made in Legends... All we have is either Modern Era or Movie versions of him... My Marvel Select Thanos needs a replacement...

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