Oct 18, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Seen Kyle? He's about this tall.

I hinted a while back that I was going to review Marvel's favorite Nazi... The Red Skull... In this case the Avengers Assemble Red Skull in Iron Man armor.

Yes, That Red Skull... So... Who is Red Skull?
Short Version of the Story? Hitler's pet who was the "Anti-Captain America"... Or I should say that Captain America is the Anti-Red Skull, since Schmidt predates Captain Rogers for a bit. He also ended up in suspended animation, and like Steve, he's a man out of time. But in the EMH his story is a bit different... something something Hydra, something something Thanos, something something Skull ends up with an Iron Man armor... To be honest, I only got him for 2 reasons... to pop the head on Spider-Man Noir and have a "normal" Red Skull, and the Abomination BaF piece.
Red Skull: Yes, I can hear
you, Kyle...
They have Pumpkin spice Latte?
Bring me a venti! Danke.

This Red Skull is made using an older Iron Man body with true Ball Joints on his legs, so he can do a full split... But his wrists are limited due to the sculpt... and so are the arms with the kinda rigid shoulderpads.

Paint and Sculpt:
Red Skull: Where art thou with my
Pumpkin Spice latte, Kyle? It's been five
and a half hours...
The figure is mostly gunmetal black with some red accents painted over. There's no slop on the figure He looks like his AA counterpart. I honestly don't like the armor so much... Reminds me of a Movie Armor. What I cared about was the Red Skull's skull and it's a beauty.

Abomination BAF piece
Extra Unhelmeted head
He's a total meh, but I have a Normal Red Skull now...

The Red Skull in Iron Man armor gets a 3.83 as his final score.
I need something to counter all this meh... I know! A Captain A-meh! Rica!
Red Skull: Seen Kyle? He's about this tall!
Red Skull: Gott im Himmel!? I wasn't doing the Seig Heil!
I'm looking for Kyle my intern!

Round 2 for this ICFtTC with Secret War Captain America...
This Look for Cap is from a time that I wasn't that much into Marvel... QUESADA!!!!
So, let's get cracking...

It's the same body as Vintage wave Cap, which reuses the Cap Wolf buck. It's a decent body but I kinda feel he needed the Butterfly pectoral articulation for better shield throwing poses,
Red Skull:Weren't you wearing a
different outfit a second ago?
Cap: I can say the same thing you
filthy Nazi...

Paint and sculpt:
I already mentioned the Captain Wolf buck with a 3 pack Cap head, so if you have been collecting MLs, you know what to expect here. The paint is so-so on mine.The grey on his arms is applied a bit sloppily on mine. slight paint chips on the silver knees.

Abomination BAF piece
Extra hand with shield toss effect

Captain A Meh Rica gets a 3.25 as his final score. The things I endure for an Abomination...

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