Sep 28, 2010

I must break you

Yes I'm going to make a small tribute to one of the greatest action stars of my Generation. It's not Conan the Barbarian, it's not John Rambo, it's not Nico Toscani, John McClane or Scott McCoy, but The one The only IVAN DRAGO... played by the Amazing Dolph Lundgren.

Now that's one Hell of a Gym. He killed Apollo Creed but lost to Balboa... Still He was so awesome when he said: "I must break you."

See? I told you so.

Yeah, like I was going to miss an opportunity to give MOTU a shout out. Dolph was He-Man the King Grayskull toy looks a lot like Dolph... Hmmm!

Dolph Lundgren also played The Punisher and now here's one clip that weirded me out ever since I saw this movie...

Wait what!? Brandon Lee you bastard! You have scarred me for life with that.
There is no way that Dolph can upstage the WTF factor...

I stand corrected... Dolph is also on the 80s movie star tribute... The Expendables.

He-Man killed Apollo Creed Punishes evil and wants to do bad things to my unicorn with his... you get the idea... Will you allow it? DENY! DENY! DENY!!

This is what happens When you allow Dolph to manhandle your unicorn. WTF Norton!? First the Hoff, Now Dolph!? I'm waiting for the Justin Bieber ad...

Short story long, Dolph Lundgren kicks ass in so many levels. He can scare the living $#!+ out of criminals who invade his house... well his family pictures did.

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