Sep 5, 2010

Flinging Pop Corn: Twilight Parody Edition

The Twilight Saga is popular enough to get a parody in the form of Vampires Suck.
Before I start I must remind everyone that this movie was made by the same people who brought us: Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. Now with that out of the way I expected UTTER CRAP. Instead I got a semi decent movie that followed Twilight AND New Moon pretty closely. Unlike Disaster Movie or Meet the Spartans, VS is actually watchable and keeps the pop culture references bearable and kinda related to the theme... (unlike Certain 300 Parody...)

As I said before The movie followed the plot of the first two twilight movies pretty closely and adding jokes varying from funny to lame. (Humor is a fickle thing with people). To some it will make the movie dreadful. To others it'll be an improvement over the ACTUAL Twilight films.

Jenn Proske makes a magnificent "Little Miss Keanu" impression and Matt Lanter does a nice "Cedric Diggory just smelled a bag full of vomit and poo while getting kicked in the gonads" impression... in other words the Perfect Bella and Edward outside of Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I'm surprised on the amount of people involved in this movie that I've seen before...
There's David DeLuise (Wizards of Waverly Place) playing the Fisherman who gets killed on Twilight. He could play a decent Older James Tiberius Kirk in a Star Trek Sequel.
there's Anneliese Van Der Pol:

From That's so Raven... I thought she was dead or something before Vampires suck. She's palying the Amalgamated Jessica/Lauren from the Twimovies
That's TWO Disney channel people in here...
There's Diedrich Bader (Known to most of you as Jethro Clampett... I know him as Batman.) he's Bella's dad.

There's Arielle Kebbel (American Pie: Band Camp... She also was in an Episode of The Vampire Diaries AND True Blood...) as the Victoria character.
The biggest sour note on the cast is Ken Jeong... once again he's playing the SAME character he's played in the last two movies I've seen him. (Role Models and The Hangover.) It's becoming Samuel L. Jackson Tiresome...

Not going to go in deep with the review because the movie is mostly forgettable and it's basically a rehash of the first two Twimovies, so in a scale of one to ten with 1 being utter crap and 10 being the best movie of the year I have to give it a 4.5

Why a 4.5? Mostly because it's forgettable, follows the same pattern of Friedberg and Seltzer of copying one story and trying to add as many pop culture references and jokes that makes Family Guy look like one serious and 100% coherent show.
Diedrich Bader, Jen Proske, Matt Lanter, Anneliese Van Der Pol, and David DeLuise stole the show for me. Almost every scene with them made me at least chuckle...

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