Jun 22, 2010

A tale of two Mileys

Ok I know I'm falling back into my old habit and Miley-ban part deux might return soon, but I HAD to comment on this:
Miley's outfits at odds with her Disney Persona
Miley responsible this.
She's trying too hard to make sure that Hannah stays dead and buried. The only problem I see is that she's on borderline trashy and classless.
She's allegedly going from a "girl next door" to a "sexy goth-like" look.

Her music has also evolved from the sweet bubble gum Hannah Music to this new Miley edgy music. So her outfits seem to be "matching" her new musical style.

Here's the thing: Miley COULD dress edgier WITHOUT looking trashy. She did that when she sang with Bret Michaels... I wonder if Miley will make an appearance in the next Rock of Love... not as a contestant...

Now, all this "Wholesome squeaky clean Hannah image" stuff kinda bothers me. Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart is not exactly squeaky clean as people believe.

Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana is incredibly bitchy, maybe more than Miley Cyrus. Just watch Hannah Montana. She's bitchy/rude towards her brother, her friends, even her dad...
Forcing her friends and relatives into weird situations because things don't go her way.
-Using her friends as substitutes to sneak to a party while grounded.
-tricking her father and her bodyguard to fly across the country in order to shut up a rival.
-bribing DMV a employee in order to get a Driver's License for Hannah after failing as Miley.
-trying to get people fired from their jobs because it isn't convenient for her. (Mikaela, her rival from a movie with Jake Ryan. Her grandmother from the School Cafeteria.)
-Harassing/threatening her best friend's ex boss into re-hiring her friend just cause she couldn't stand her best friend working for her.
-Humiliating her brother in National Radio and not really trying to correct the mistake.
-attempting to humiliate a "mean girl" on National TV.
-Stealing a Hannah Wig from a fan in order to get celebrity perks at a store.

... among other things. So is Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana that squeaky clean? I think not...
Bribes, getting fake IDs, threatening other peoples' jobs!? Worst thing is that her father lets her get away with some of this stuff. True that other times she gets grounded, but a grounding doesn't stop Miley S./Hannah from doing what she wants.

It's important to note that Robbie Ray Stewart and Miley Stewart's lives morphed into a distorted version of the lives of Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.
Does Miley Cyrus behave like Miley Stewart? I don't know, in fact I think that other than dressing in a mildly inappropriate way; Miley Cyrus is tamer compared with her TV counterpart.

The point of this long-winded rant is that Miley is trying to distance herself from Hannah Montana the wrong way. This change was premature and way too obvious/"shocking" with signs of trying too hard...

I really thought that with Hannah Montana ending that I wouldn't have to mention Miley that often... Seems I was wrong... Miley should stop trying too hard to get attention. That is what causes the crap that people talk about her. The very same crap that she needs to filter out with an Ear Tattoo.

Miley Cyrus: Now Stay Dead dammit!
Billy Ray Cyrus: Uh, Mile? You know that you're strangling a fan dressed up as Hannah Montana... right?
Miley Cyrus: Oh sweet niblets!

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