Jun 14, 2010

I pity the Foo' who watched Jaden Smith.

While Kung Foo' Kid is the highest grossing movie of last Weekend, I went with the better choice... The A-Team.
I want to make an unbiased review of the movie, but the A-Team fanboy in me is making it hard. The movie was entertaining, full of over the top action. The violence was almost like an 80s TV show but with a bigger budget.
The big question is IS IT GOOD? The answer is much tougher.
IF you liked the show, then YES IT'S GOOD! If you hated the show (Like Roger Ebert), you shouldn't bother with the movie.

The plot of the movie is based on the show's premise (updated to the 21st Century.) The Team is no longer involved in 'Nam, Now they're Gulf War Vets. During the movie you'll see the Crime they didn't commit, the Team being sent to prison, their escape, etc. It's an origin Story. Not really spoiling anything that isn't told in the first few seconds of the TV series opening theme song.

The chemistry among the Team is there. The Love-Hate relationship between Murdock and BA is present. The characters are pretty much the same as the TV versions but slightly updated for the film. Many of the little things from the show are in the movie. The van is present in the movie. B.A.'s fear of flight and the sneaky ways to get around it are in it too. Random destruction where almost everyone comes out unscathed is here as well. Murdock's craziness is ramped up to a hundred. Face is still horny as heck (no sex in the movie). There's a cameo of TV Face and Murdock in the movie. I missed it unfortunately.
Even though the story seems mildly dark, The A-Team feels really lighthearted. Obviously most of the funny moments belong to Murdock played by Sharlto Copley.
The A-Team song can be heard a couple of times during the movie. I know it's not that big of a deal, but It really helped encase the whole A-Team feeling.

Long story short. The movie feels like a huge budget longer Episode of The A-Team.

Story: In faithfulness to the source Material I'd give it a 4.5/5 (obviously some points are lost for adapting the story to a more modern time and one plot element that I will not spoil, but it involves B.A.)

Acting: The entire movie is an over the top mess celebrating the TV show. These characters are over the top almost cartoony. Yet the performance of the actors was Top Notch. Not Oscar worthy material since this movie was a popcorn flick based on a cartoony over the top violent TV show. 5/5.

Music: Most of it was forgettable except the parts that THE A-Team Theme showed up. 3.5/5

Overall score 4.33
As I've said a million times. Support the A-Team, don't support that Remake from the evil spawn of the Fresh Prince.

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