Jun 1, 2010

100th Post Spectacular odds and ends.

Wow! 100 Posts! Not so bad. I've rambled about a bunch of stuff. I wanted to have a random special, but something caught my eye today:

Twitter campaign for a Black Spider-Man
I'm not talking about a Black Suit Spider-Man, but an African American Peter Parker.

Why is this wrong?
-I'll begin with the simplest reason of all. The actor must look as close as possible to the character he/she is representing. This is important to already established characters.
-changing race for no reason at all is stupid. Although the actor playing Aang looks a lot like the cartoon counterpart in The Last Airbender; I still think it was wrong to cast a white kid for a obviously Asian role.
-Why MUST he be black? There is no real reason to have a black Spidey. Peter Parker, the character is not defined by being white. I cannot deny that, but that does not mean that he HAS to be black. This proposal has no real reasoning behind it. Just wanting to have a black hero. I'm pretty sure that I'd be called racist if I made a Shaft movie with Billy Ray Cyrus as Shaft. Or a Fresh Prince of Bel Air with the entire Banks family being black, but Will is played by Rob Pattinson. A White War Machine... They should've replaced Terrence Howard with Steve Buschemi...
-While we're at it, Why does he HAVE to be a man? Or have Spider Powers?
It just doesn't make sense...
Unless this is a long elaborated set up for a Black Uncle Ben/rice joke.

So now Oklahoma inmates will look like Clowns
I kid you not. Hot Pink Shirts and Yellow/White striped Pants make the inmates more noticeable. Here's my question, wouldn't the criminals ditch the clown suits when they escape?

Mein Gott! German would be robbers blow up bank and FAIL to get the cash. Idioten! (Thanks to BabelFish for the German Translations. Just wow... They went through all that and ended up Empty handed... Those fools need to be pitied.

Cowabung- oh @#$% No! The Great Satan of movies is going to blow up the TMNT. That's right boys and girls, The Evil Franchise rapist Michael Bay is going to produce the next TMNT movie. Good thing he seems to be busy raping Optimus Prime's exhaust one more time. As long as he doesn't want to direct it, we have a sliver of hope hat it will not suck...

Coke and Mentos mobile away!

Not exactly practical, but pretty awesome. It's propelled by Mentos and coke... Speaking of which...

90s Mentos ads rocked!
♪Do do do dooo, do waaaah!
It doesn't matter what comes, fresh goes better in life,
With Mentos fresh and full of Life!
Nothing gets to you, stayin fresh, stayin cool,
With Mentos fresh and full of LIFE!!!
Fresh goes better! Mentos freshness!
Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!♫
Mentos! The Freshmaker!

On another sad note Dennis Hopper passed away last Saturday. He was in Easy Rider, Waterworld, Super Mario Brothers, Speed, among other movies. He also did voiceovers in videogames.

He played Porn Director Steve Scott in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He will be missed.

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