Dec 25, 2011

Christmas is already over.

We didn't get to celebrate together!

Sorry, I got a little carried away with that Shenmue Joke...
Scareglow will be the last It Came From the Toychest this year... Cause Mattel screwed up with Demo-Man... They were unable to release him from China on-time...
I'm one ranticle short out of completing the 120th Article of the year... (OK I'm 2 short, but Screglow's ICFTC will bump one off) but this December seemed a bit Off! Not too much Holiday Spirit this year!! Oh yeah! We're 362-ish days from THE END OF THE WORLD!!

Wha?? No video? No Ice Age 2 Reference?

Eh, that will do!

I dunno, but even Christmas movies this year were a little lame... The only saving grace so far was the Cleveland Show making a Die Hard Parody!

Filler Video Warning!!

Ooh! I almost forgot! Mattel also sent me a map of Etheria!! If it would've had a Hamburglar He-Man too it would have been an awesome Christmas Miracle!! So not all Matty's messups are bad!

So happy Whatever the Heck you celebrate!

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