Dec 25, 2011

It Came From The Toy Chest: The MOTU Jack Skellington

Scareglow: The Evil Ghost of Skeletor that has caused a lot of confusion for years... has finally arrived. He was originally released on November 2009 along with the Reissue of He-Man. Sadly I could not buy Scareglow... and was OK with it because I was still in a "Just get a FEW characters and call it a day" mentality. Also my Teela hadn't arrived, so I didn't know how Good these figs were... So here's the deal with Scareglow: He's like a Ghost Skeleton that Glows in the dark and induces fear... Like Scarecrow from Batman... In the Masters of the Universe Classics, he's the Ghost of a Bounty Hunter who was obsessed with penetrating Grayskull... The Castle, not the King... King Grayskull was already dead for a couple of hundred or thousand years... So that's pretty much Scareglow in a nutshell... I guess I should get on with the ratings part, but I cannot. I need to discuss what he brings to the game: A Skull head, a Cool Cape,Pole Ax, a key and a Grayskull Relic that holds the Key. Yes he does share the generic buck! Skeletor's to be precise.... So if you have a Skelly, you know what to expect with Scareglow.
Now I will do the ratings part, so 1 = crap and 5 equals awesome.

Same old, same old. Nothing new here... His joints are pretty tight, yo!
Paint and Sculpt:

Look at Scareglow... Notice something weird? If you owned the Vintage Toy you will not see anything odd, cause he looks Just like you remember... Now, if you did NOT own one as a kid, like me, you Will notice something odd... His head does not match the body! His head is a nice rendition of a Skull... Even nicer than Skeletor's, the body? it reminds me of the Kobra Kai Halloween costume...

Oh look! Scareglow!
Well, the Skull is awesome, far more creepier than Skeletor's. The rest of him is pretty much Skeletor! His cape is frayed at the bottom and awesome!
Paintwise, well he's Glow in the dark "white" with the black areas tampographed on in order to simulate the skeleton body, so little paint apps on him. The cape is translucent and has a bit of a purple paintjob that fades into nothingness.
He's got the pole ax, the relic and the Key. The last two are new additions from the 4 Horsemen. The Mini Grayskull atop the Relic is AMAZING!!

for Mr. Scareglow... He glows in the dark, looks a bit like Skullomania and is the ghost of an evil Dog the Bounty Hunter... What's NOT to like?

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