Dec 8, 2011

It came from the Toychest: Bubbles of Power!

As spoiled by the Swift Wind Review, my Third Matty Item from the November sale is Bubble Power She-Ra! Or as Mattel tentatively called her: She-Ra 2.0!
What's so great about this She-Ra? Horse Riding Powers! If you bought Swift Wind and did NOT buy this She-Ra...

Also this is the First She-Ra Variant, like Battle Armor He-Man... But this time she is Slightly closer to the Toy design... but we're still far off from the Toy design... I guess Starburst She-Ra will be the one based on the toy... As it can be seen she's got additional armor, removable of course so you can take the Filmation head off the first She-Ra an pop it in this one to have a Filmation She-Ra that can ride horses... Or Green Tigers if you feel inclined to do so! She also has a Toy accurate Tiara to be worn on a holeless head! She also has the Second version of the Vintage Toy Sword... which was reused on Starburst She-Ra... (Not the one I was hoping for, but Whatever...) I'm forgetting the bubble blower that gives Bubble Power She-Ra her name...

I should go unto the review part where 5 is good and 1 is crap!

Unlike her 1.0 Counterpart this She-Ra has a Softer Skirt and slits on its sides that allow a Greater range of Motion. she also, like BG Teela has a waist twist! Everything else is standard MOTUC Female Articulation... (Still no ab crunch like the males, but it's more visually pleasing that way...) and her super soft cape does not get in the way when posing her on Swift Wind... unlike her red 1.0 cape which is a lot more rigid than this one.
Paint and Sculpt:
The Four Horsemen did a LOT of improvements on She-Ra! Adding some Toy details on her bracers and boots, making her Leaf pattern smaller and less Weed looking... I wish I would have bought a Second one to Customize into a Toy Accurate She-Ra cause her "Leaf" almost looks like the Toy Spiral...

Paintwise She has no visible slop or paint chipping off. She's I'd dare say Perfect, but there is ONE small flaw, or huge flaw... Your Mileage may vary...

She-Ra is a Jabroni beating, lalala pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow raising, heartstopping, elbow dropping electrifying rebel Etheria has seen!
My She-Ra has her right Eyebrow painted like she's doing "The People's Eyebrow" Suddenly Holey head She-Ra is starting to look more appealing...
Like I said, She-Ra has her Toy Sword, Her shield makes a comeback with a Pink Bubble Power gem and a cooler paintjob... The CombAxe makes a Comeback. I did mention the Toy accurate Tiara for her... Sadly this time you cannot Flip it over and have the Tiara work as a mask and stay there. Now The Bubble Launcher is the most intriguing thing. I Never had the Original Bubble Power She-Ra and I don't Recall my cousin having her... If she did she probably lost the Bubble launcher really fast... the same way she lost her sword of protection and most of my power swords... (Thank goodness for the Weapon packs!) Well I don't know if the launcher works, but it looks a lot like the vintage one... (As much as I love POP, that was a weapon that went straight into the parts baggie #2! Too frou-frou for my display...)

Overall: 4.33 for Bubble Power She-Ra. She is Not a bad figure on her own, but she's overshadowed by her intended purpose of swapping the Filmation head and cape from the First She-Ra unto this one to have a Filmation She-Ra that can Ride Swift Wind.

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