Dec 8, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Follow my Hose nose...

Snout Spout has arrived, it's true it's true! The Etherian/sometimes Eternian Firefighter is here... A product of Horde Science... Basically capturing a random dude and doing experiments on the poor sucker... Well Snout Spout is one of those Horde Experiments...
Before I start with the review, I must say one thing. I ABSOLUTELY and completely HATEHATEHATEHATE! Snout Spout. Part of my hate towards him is the sad dopey elephant look on his face. The 200X Version of him made this loser a badass! MOTUC obviously went back to vintage, but some tweaks were made... He doesn't look as dopey as the vintage figure. His Backpack, while Mostly Vintage inspired got an extra element added to him (a side tank.) His Fire Axe got no real update but he got his own Hydraulic Spreader? (Jaws of Life) that kinda looks like an Elephant's face... and his trunk is Bendy!

With all that said let's move on to the ratings part where I say 1 = bad and 5 = good
Same old from your average MOTUC... Joints are pretty tight and all that... You're all waiting for me to give you the scoop on his trunk... I wouldn't fool around with it too much if I were you... The Material seems rather soft almost Foamlike. (found a small crack on the trunk...) 4.5 (not counting the crack...)

Paint and Sculpt:
Same old same old here. Basic He-Man buck, new gloves loincloth and boots... Aside that, the head is very vintage Looking, but as I said, the slight changes to his brow make him look a lot more cooler!
Paintwise Snouty is flawless... OK mine had two flaws: Due to his loincloth being ultra soft, some black paint chipped off his belt (already fixed) also he lacked some of his muscle shading, which I fixed by giving him a new paintjob:

The Ax and the Jaws of Life!
What can I say about the Ax: It's an Ax/Pick/wrench that can also be used to hold Snouty's trunk when firing the water... (If he HAD an action feature) Now the "Jaws of Life" They are kinda cool, but I probably won't display him with them for 2 reasons:
#1 It Makes Clamp Champ less interesting and for #2, see #1


Overall: Snout Spout gets a: 3.83 ( +.25 for free Stickers)
While he IS an amazing figure... which is a huge triumph for Snout Spout due to my hatred towards him, he still feel like he needed some more "oomph!" in him... I'm not saying they should have made him like the staction, which I would have liked. Yes the did made the brow to make him slightly more fierce and the backpack was updated... WITH THE VINTAGE BUTTON AND CAP where you filled him with water. (Which work pretty well on him.) but I still feel like he Lacks "something"... I dunno how to describe it.

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