Jun 6, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Wa haha! edition

Look upon this Review Equestria for it is Rarity!!
Spike wishes he had wings right now...
But this is not the Standard Rarity review... This is a Rarity "based" on her look from Season 1 Episode 16: The Sonic Rainboom... Looks like Hasbro may be making some ponies for bronies (but not as super articulated as I want them though...)

But without the excessive Make-up...

Spike! Enough with the Rarity Clips!!

As I was saying This Rarity: Glimmer Wings Rarity to be precise, is just Rarity pretending she has beautiful wings...
I kid you not... It's in the box!!

Why not Rarity got these magical wings to cheer her friend Rainbow Dash? (like on the show? Seriously sometimes i just don't get Hasbro...) In any case let's start with the Review.
as always 1 = crud and 5 = awesome! Since this is a pony, it gets the "Pony curve effect" (a second score that is "ponified")

Rarity only has 2 Points of Articulation and is due to the rooted hair and her wings. Huzzah The Articulation points have been doubled! As an Action Figure collector Rarity would get a 1.5 here... but since it's the MLP Standard that would translate to a 4.5 in a MLP collector scale.

Paint and sculpt:
Well there's not much to talk here... She's pretty much molded in White and the extra stuff is tampographed. Her eyes are tampographed and Look like Rarity's unlike somepony who has a wingboner... Her sculpt is in a different pose...The rooted hair makes her look Completely NOT show Accurate...she's got two different shades of Purple AND it looks a bit off... Speaking of things that look a bit off... Her wings are not THAT show Accurate, but Hasbro rarely does show accurate Ponies... 4
Both Rarities are falling down... and no Dashie in sight...

She only has a butterfly friend... (the one she "rips off" when she pretends that she has wings) NO COMBS! So, she loses a Lot of points here...
2 in both scales.

Seriously? No comb for the Fabulous Rarity!? That's like making Applejack without her hat... Oh wait...
 I have to applaud Hasbro for doing things like these which are nods to bronies... (Having Zecora, TG&P Trixie, a White Celestia, Princess Luna would help too!) but here's the score for Rarity!
 2.5 without the Pony curve and a Whopping 3.5 with the Pony curve. The lack of accessories on Rarity hurt her a bit... (I guess that the USS Logistics is striking Hasbro ports as well)

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