Jun 19, 2012

It came From the Toy Chest: Retaliating in the shelves one year earlier.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation was delayed for a year. Some toys have trickled down... (Most of them Snake Eyes and Duke) but I got COBRA COMMANDER!!
HOLY CRAP he looks Awesome... I'm not sure how "screen accurate" he is, but he IS a nice take on the Helmeted CC Look!
Apparently I have the "Classic Colors" Variant of the Commander, because there is a Black Suit Version. Also it's a HUGE Improvement on the "Jason X" look from The Previous movie...
I'm not a fan of the Helmet version of Cobra Commander, to be honest, BUT it (the GI Joe Retaliation CC) DOES LOOK more like Cobra Commander than the Rise of Cobra one did... (They should have gone for the Hood look... even if it reminds people of the KKK and stuff...
So, let's take a look at this Commander...
They ARE Pretty similar!!

Apparently the sculpt is ALL NEW, and like I said it's reminiscent of the 80s Cobra Commander.
He also comes with a rifle, a gun and his Cobra Staff... I think I should move on to the ratings part before continuing... 1 = crap and 5 = cool...

The Commander SEEMS to have standard Articulation... From the waist up his articulation is similar (same amount, but the hands work differently) to the Cartoon Cobra Commander from the 25th Anniversary line.
Sadly from the waist down it's another story. He sports a lot LESS Articulation here. The double jointed knees are gone and there is absolutely ZERO Ankle Articulation... also his left leg seems to be a tad loose.
I guess this Commander is overcompensating for his lack of... Articulation!

Paint and sculpt:
Like I said, the sculpt is new and there is no reused parts from previous Joe toys, that I know of.
Most of it is molded either in blue or black plastic so, no paint issues here. 5.0

I said he has two guns and his cobra staff... that has a missile firing action feature, thus it's a bit oversized. ugh! I hate missile firing weapons on 3 3/4" toys... cause that makes the weapons ginormous. On a more positive note, his Cobra missile can fly from his staff roughly 20 inches away! Aside the oversized Cobra head, the staff looks pretty awesome! Teh guns are a little plain. The rifle can be held on his right hand without looking THAT awkward... (looks a little bit awkward, but not so awkward that makes you say, damn! that looks awkward!) His other gun fits nicely on his right hand, but the holster for it is a bit big and it tends to slide down on it and looks like it could fall off.

G.I. Joe Retaliation Cobra Commander gets a 3.67 that it's not THAT bad... He DID lose points on Articulation and the silly oversized staff... If anything I can use his awesome head on the Cartoon Body and have a cool looking "Helmet" Cobra Commander.
and the Movie version looks GOOD with the 25th Anniversary hood!

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