Jun 14, 2012

They say Videogames are dying...

I don't believe it though, but if they are, I'll rant about the most likely culprits.

Games are overpriced.
It's true! Most games nowadays are on the $60 range. Sure I know that some of you are going to pull the: "SNES games were $70!!" and yes, they were, but after a decade of games being cheaper since they were made on cheaper media (disc based instead of Cartridges like the Ancient SNES games) getting hit by these "Cartridge like costs" seems almost ludicrous... On its own it isn't THAT bad, but when you add up the next points, you'll hopefully see my Point of View.

Games are being rushed. Patches, patches and more patches!
Games being rushed has happened since always, but now it's more noticeable due to the constant downloading of patches. I wanted to play UMVC3 last night and I hadn't played in "ages" (1.5 months) So I had to sit through a patch install to play OFFLINE!! It's a bit annoying and I'm worried about the patches filling up the PS3s HD space eventually... (DLCs eat up space as well...) Then there's the whole "I'm paying for being a beta tester?" feeling

DLC, DLC... Wait I'm paying to unlock stuff that is ALREADY ON THE DISC!?
I'm not a huge fan of DLC... It makes me feel like the game was released incomplete and rushed, especially when there is DLC available from DAY 1!! I mean, it's not 1 year later or even 3 months later, but on the RELEASE DATE!? Hello! I just got home from a midnight release and there's DLC already!? WTF!? Let's use Ultimate MVC3 as an example: I got the game. Costume packs cost $5 or $6. There's like 4 or 5 of them that's $20-$30 extra dollars there. Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath are DLC Characters $5-$7 each... So it's $10-$14 more... So that's in a Worst Case Scenario an ADDITIONAL $44 just to get the full version of the game.

I must be ONLINE at ALL TIMES even if I'm playing Single player!?
This is a new way to "fight Piracy" by being online at ALL times the company that made the game can monitor if you're using a legal copy or you are an evil pirate. That doesn't take in consideration people with crappy internet connections or their bandwith (which could have a limit before getting billed more)

SO, in a nutshell, we're paying full game price for an incomplete version of the game that has Downloadable Content from Day 1 to unlock stuff that may be ALREADY ON THE DISC ITSELF!?
and you MUST be online at ALL TIMES if you want your copy of the game to work... Sure the SNES games were $70 but the game was complete (very very few game breaking glitches) though they DID screw us with the revised versions of games (*cough* capcom *cough) but these did not happen so often.

Now game companies are blaming different things... Piracy is an obvious culprit. Now I'm not defending Piracy, but The whole Paying Full Price for a game that is incomplete, requires DAY 1 DLC and patches and in some case I NEED to be online (and eating up bandwith) just to play a Single Player campaign.

The companies also blame the re-selling of games. Well, if games weren't overpriced, require extra DLC (not necessarily free) and the other stuff just to play the game; people would buy new...

Long story short, Price Gouging will KILL the game industry!

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