Jun 26, 2012

It came from the Toychest: Another Twibie Review.

This time is Victoria... The evil Red-headed vampire that wants to kill Bella. I got her for $7 at K-Mart... cause she's a peg-warmer... Jane (Dakota Fanning's character) is also Peg-Warming, yet she's $30... WTF!? I've done some Twibies before... So let's get it on with Ron Howard's sparkling daughter... not in that way...
Still, Edward holds the record for being the only Twibie that I paid Full-Price for... Victoria is the cheapest one
So once I pulled her out of her package this is what I got...
Doll, clothes, stand certificate of Authenticity

Pretty much the same thing as the other Twibies...
Now unto the review stage... 1 = crap and 5 = awesome...


Apparently she has the same range of articulation of an average 1990s Barbie... Sadly, mine has Super Weak ankles... (I thought that was a MOTUC thing, but it happens on the pink aisle as well...)
Paint and Sculpt:
Like most Twibies This doll actually reuses The Barbie buck... Her head is from an earlier Barbie too... (Sheesh! The USS Logistics seems to have struck the almighty Pink B!?) They even left out the sparkly bits... Sure, she did not sparkle in the movie, but Twipires are supposed to sparkle!

She's got the stand... and that's about all she needs...

Victoria gets a 3. She should have scored higher, but sadly the lack of sparkles and piss poor weak ankles have hurt her a lot!
Victoria: I will Kill you, Bella!
Edward: The power of my sparkles will defeat you!
Jacob: Is it too hard to give me a shirt! I'll even wear one of those Max Steel shirts!
Bella: I look too happy to be Kristen Stewart!

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