Jul 13, 2012

Action Figure Woes: SDCC 2012 MOTUC

Alright! Mattel revealed their SDCC stuff! The remaining MOTUC for the year and the first few MOTUC for 2013...
August: Sir-Laser-Lot
September: Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Snakemen Army Builder 2 pack and Mekaneck
October: Frosta, Rattlor, and Cy-Chop (Terry Higuchi's character for the 30th)
November: Dekker, Eternos Palace Randor (Filmation Randor), Castle Grayskullman (Winner of the Create a Character contest)
December: Mosquitor, Temple of Darkness Sorceress, Procrustus, and Granamyr
Now for 2013 MOTUC gets ANOTHER price increase... $25 for Subscribers and $27 for non-subscribers on normal figures... OUCH! Not only that, but international customers get new shipping options, but if they stick to International post (the only one that delivers to PO Boxes as far as I know) missing packages will not be replaced or refunded.

The 2013 items are:

January: Netossa and RAM MAN!?
February: Jitsu
March:Fang Man
April: Fighting Foe Men 3 pack (3 characters based on the drivers of the vintage vehicle models made by Monogram)
Club Eternia Exclusive: King He-Man
Traveling Exclusive for Conventions: Strobo (with Unhelmeted Zodac Head)

Where to start... I already mentioned the dramatic price increase... which sucks! I also mentioned the "screw you" from Mattel regarding international customers who use a PO Box as their shipping address. Now to make matters worse, subscribers get a "first pick" at items for the day of sales... (Apparently it's just to extra items not on subscriptions... Things like Weapons packs, Ghostbuster movie props, etc.)
Now with the price increase it seems that they're cutting back on some stuff, namely variants and Large Scale beasts... but for some Mattel Reason, they kept the extremely expensive 3 packs! Seriously!?

Now that stinks for non-subscribers...

While I'm here why don't I make this an extra Long Ranticle and share my thoughts on each item?

August: Sir-Laser-Lot
Well, I'm not fond of the character's design... or his role on the MOTUC universe. Him being on his own makes it easier for me to skip him...

September: Dragon Blaster Skeletor
>My Favorite Skeletor variant as a kid AND it has the third Mini-Comic... I should NOT skip this one!
Snakemen Army Builder 2 pack
It's a cool set, don't get me wrong, but it's on a month with 2 figures that I want... I MAY have to skip this.
Another vintage carrot that was used to dangle on the customers' faces... I guess that with Stinkor out, the Mek was coming and he will land on my shelf assuming I can get him... (He WILL get slightly repainted to fit my preferences)
October: Frosta
The one who harasses He-Man has a frosty spot on my shelf waiting for her! 
One of the Snakemen I did NOT have as a Kid... Will try to get him... If I had to choose between him or Frosta, Frosta beats Rattlor... but will get both, if possible. 
Weapons Pack #3
Must have for me... Keldor Swords, MAA Handcannon, Draego's missing stuff!? 
Cy-Chop (The 30th Character designed by Terry Higuchi)
I'd rather buy 3 Laser-Lots! Easiest skip in the whole line!! The design is best described as a meh... I DO love his head though...
November: Dekker
This month is a bit weak for me... but Dekker was a cool 200X character who happens to have a classiczed 200X MAA Mace... Methinks a small switcheroo would happen IF I get him, maybe give him some stuff from WP#3?
Eternos Palace Randor (Filmation Randor)
the Randor I've always wanted. Not necessarily the Randor I DESERVE... He'd look PERFECT with Marlena!
Castle Grayskullman (Winner of the Create a Character contest)
Uh... He's kinda OK... He's More MOTU than all the other 30th figures... He's like a mini Grayskull! (who was a man...) If I can pick him, I would mostly cause of his weapons... but he's the most likely to be skipped if I had to drop one...
December: Mosquitor
Um, he's not on my Top Hordesmen... I'm glad that Pixel Dan gets his figure... (Where's my Glimmer, dammit!) If I'm not too Logistically drained, I'd get him...
Temple of Darkness Sorceress
My "Ghost of Teela'Na" would have to be sacrificed in the name of Ram Man... also, there's no update on DEM WINGS, so she's skippable!
I don't do giants and this one is easily skipped by me... (not much of a mini comic fan)
Really Mattel? Really? Lump The Grumpy old dragon on a month with 2 figures and a Large Scale beast? (not to mention the possibility of another Cyber Monday sale about 2 weeks before this sale date?) I MIGHT have to skip him IF I intend to get some January stuff...

The 2013 items are:

January: Netossa
While she's a PoP character, she CAN be skipped easily by me... No, it's not cause she's black... It's cause she's NOT Glimmer, Angella, or Castaspella... Price increase makes me a mega Cherry Picker!
Ram Man The Final Carrot... of the vintage line... The "Do you want X or Ram Man" arguments are finally over... but dang it! Burning through the vintage characters too fast is not a great idea...
February: Jitsu
The Anti-Fisto is here... He looks very cool, sadly no Removable 200X Elements on him like Fisto... The Pair of Kama are cool, but how is he gonna use them?
March:Fang Man
A Filmation character I do not care about... Slot would have been better used on Octavia, Scorpia, Sea Hawk or Shokoti...
April: Fighting Foe Men 3 pack (3 characters based on the drivers of the vintage vehicle models made by Monogram)
This has 2 things going against it:
1- It's a 3 pack!! One with Obscure characters to top things off... a $75 (or $81) Three pack of obscure characters that not everyone is interested in... Suddenly the Star Sisters don't look so bad...
2- They're the drivers of 3 vehicles that we MAY NEVER SEE in the Classics line...
Club Eternia Exclusive: King He-Man
I only like his beaten up 200X Sword... His Iron cross has the Randor gem and his crotch has He-Ro's H... I'm surprised that they didn't find a way to add King Grayskull's Asterisk or Spector's Spade to him... but at least it's not a "Shadow Weaver".
Traveling Exclusive for Conventions: Strobo (with Unhelmeted Zodac Head)
 Not a bad idea... Hopefully his torso will have Vac Metal on its center for the "mirror"... yes I said I want Vac Metal on a character... Also that Zodak head is very needed...

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