Jul 15, 2012

It came from the toy chest: Reversed limbs don't make figure POP!

Stinkor is in the house and he smells! it's fun! Well, mine does not really smell... The only way I can get a faint scent of Patchouli is by sniffing his butt after removing the armor... Sorry for the mental image... Need a lot of Patchouli oil to make him stink... it's fun!
So, Stinkor was a figure who had no real new parts in the vintage line...
Merman repaint with Mekaneck Armor and a Grayskull shield.
Ever since we saw the vintage Mer Man head with MOTUC Mer Man, well we knew Stinkor was coming...
Sadly mine doesn't smell that much... so it's NOT fun
Well, he came and he came packing a punch!! Let's see what he brings to the game:
Mer Man's head
New More Cat-Like head (200X inspired)
New neck piece (Like Mer Man's but for a furry Mammalian humanoid)
New (soon to be used on Mekaneck) Armor
Beast Man Torso and abs
Beastman shoulders and biceps
Beastman's thighs
Furry Loincloth
Carnivus shins
Skeletor boots
Skeletor feet
Skeletor hands
New Forearms (more on these later)
New pieces that attach to the front of the armor (a peg like Vintage, a rebreather or a lever like the 200X version)
New Gas tanks
New Gun
New Gas Mask for the 200X head
Grasykull shield (Palace Guards)

He needs paints ASAP!! Right after Forearm Surgery...
Now, the forearms... They are the "Evil forearms" as seen on Skeletor, Mer Man, etc. but the only variation is that they are working like gloves (like on Mer Man) but the only difference is that the 4 Horsemen gave fur to the "non-gloved" area. That's different enough from the Original Finned arm...
Someone at Mattel's Design team "allegedly" thought that Stinkor didn't "POP" enough, so they "purposely" switched the forearms to make him POP! They DID POP... off and got a repaint by me so they looked like they were meant to the first time! Seriously, I should not be spending time popping off limbs and repainting them because MATTEL wants to mess around with the anatomy...
What's next, reversed thighs, hands or feet?

With that off my chest let's head to the ratings part... 1 = stinks like uh, Stinkor? and 5 = smells like Perfuma...
Freakiest Twins Since Schwarzenegger and De Vito

He's got the same articulation as a standard MOTUC Figure... Sadly my elbows are loose... (due to Mattel forcing me to do a forearms swap...
4.5 Before swap 4.0 Post Swap

Paint and Sculpt:
The Horsemen added a lot of stuff to make Stinkor POP! (without reversed forearms) Sadly some of those details are lost to the lack of paints on him (USS Logistics strikes once more) making a LOT of his stuff look almost like a bootleg toy... What little paint was used on him was pretty well done... some of his skunk stripes are a bit fuzzy, but I like them that way since they mask my crappy paintjob!
2.5 Pre Repaint  4.5 Post Repaint

Stinkor has a lot of them, 2 heads, 2 Torso attachments (like Bow), The Gas tanks, the extra gas mask, gun and shield... Sadly like I mentioned before, the lack of paint makes a lot of these seem blegh!
5.0 Cause of options available between Vintage, 200X or something in between...

Well Before the Customization, Stinkor gets a 4.0
AFTER tweaking him, Stinkor gets a 4.5
There isn't that much difference on his scores, but the thing that bothers me the most is how the lack of paints make Stinkor look a bit more bootleggy than other MOTUC figures...

No Longer brothers... and that's how they shall be on my shelf!
Silver and metallic blue paints made Stinkor POP better than reverse forearms (I had to use white and black paint to repaint his skunk stripe... So they count too!)

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