Jul 26, 2012

Action Figure Woes: Mitt Romney

I know what you're thinking why would Mitt Romney would be related to an Action Figure Woes?
Quite Simple: He benefited from the death of my FAVORITE Action Figure Hunting Grounds!I'm talking about KB toys!
Basically, Mittens profited by KB going into bankruptcy... and that is just plain wrong, morally speaking... cause apparently it's pretty much legal in business. On a personal Level it sucks! Mitt Romney was winning money on the death of my Favorite Action Figure Hunting grounds! Most of My Toy Biz Marvel Legends (and side lines like SMC, XMC, HulkC, and F4C) were from KB, MOST of my 200X toys were from KB, A LOT of my favorite PS1 and PS2 WERE From KB. MOST of my SOTA SF WERE From KB! ALL of my Todd McFarlane MGS2 Figures WERE From KB! MOST of my Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards WERE from KB! MOST of my Secret Wars and ORIGINAL MOTU Toys were from KB! MOST of my ORIGINAL TMNT TOYS WERE From KB! Most of my Marvel Toys (Pre-ML) WERE From KB I abused the 3@$10 specials! Heck! My PS1 WAS From KB!

So as you can see throughout the years, I've thrown a lot of money at KB... It DID hurt me when they went under... It sucked! Now knowing who WAS behind the death of KB (Bain Capital and their "Golden investor" that "wasn't an employee at the time but still got profits from it", Mitt Romney) makes me so frustrated that I could just kick something!

Now with that said, Romney was not directly involved with this, but he profited from it. It  sucks! KB you'll always have a special place in my heart as well as Sears' Christmas catalogs!!

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