Jul 26, 2012

How did we get here!? Edward is a Sparkling cornuto!

Holy apple holding scandal Batman!

Kristen Stewart apparently cheated on Rob Pattinson... at least it wasn't with Taylor Lautner. Now looks like Cedric Diggory is packing his bags... Here's the weird part, as much as I don't like this couple, I feel bad about Mr. Sparkly. Being deceived like that sucks so much, also WHY!? Why in the heck would she cheat on him!?

Hopefully there is no Kristen Stewart sex video scandal yet... Though I AM curious, does she have that constipated look on her face while having sex?

Now back on topic, I applaud Mr. Pattinson's actions because they show moral fortitude and strength of character. Now I hope that this issue can be solved in an amicable way, especially since BD pt.II is coming this year and a promotional tour with them could create a bit of controversy...

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