Mar 21, 2015

Space is no longer the final frontier...

The... Final... Frontier... Seems to be... Equestria!
It appears that Captain Kirk himself... no not Chris Pine, the REAL KIRK...

Yes, boys and girls, The Shatman himself is a Brony!!!

Insert an I'm... on a... horse! joke here
There's nothing I can say here other than a joke about Captain Kirk trying to show the Prime Directive to Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Alicorns and Pegasusususus!

Well, there is something I can say. It's great to see a bunch of adult celebrities enjoying the show and proudly admitting it BECAUSE it IS a good show that ALL can enjoy, even if the intended target audience IS young girls.

I kinda expected Takei to be the OG Star Trek Brony... It's kinda weird having TJ Hooker as a Brony.

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