Mar 24, 2015

Apparently A Superman can show up on Flash...

There's a rumor going on that A Superman (not Grumpy Supes from the current Cinematic Universe) will appear on The Flash... No, it's not Brandon Routh playing the Atom... I'm talking about someone playing Kal-El, son of Jor-El...

Sadly I couldn't find a Smallville intro with Dawson's Creek theme so I could make a joke about Smallville being Supes' Creek.
♪I don't wanna wait!
For Tom Welling to
wear the cape!

Something something
ten seasons for this ****!♫

Flash runs so fast that he ends up in other Shows... IN THE PAST? Maybe he should have run faster to stop this:

Boom! How Traumatized would Barry be to see his dad die and he becomes Dawson?

This would be kinda nice... even if it's Barry on the Smallville Universe. Having One of the BIG TWO on the show would be a nice way to show WB/DC that the Big Two CAN AND SHOULD BE ON TV as well.

If we're doing Batman, I nominate Casey Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Seriously, Oliver is playing Batman knockoff a bit too seriously... All we need is The Clown Prince of Crime to become a villain in Starling.

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