Mar 25, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: This Tara is strong...

And has nothing to do with that other Strong Tara... The one with the voices... I'm talking about Huntara... The fan choice winner that was supposed to show up in 2014, but didn't... because Neitlich... I'll still use him as a Scapegoat until 2017.

So, Huntara... She's kind of a Mercenary that only works for the forces of good, but was tricked by Hordak into fighting She-Ra... and she looks like a purple Grace Jones... Also, Huntara smokes 2.5 cigarette cartons a day... because her bio wants to make sure that we learn that...

 Look at that pic and tell me that Huntara in no way took any cues from her... Remember that Conan the Destroyer was released in 1984.

So, let's take a look at Huntara, shall we?

There is nothing to write home about here. Standard Recent Female figure articulation: translation, no boot cut and no ankle rock. The only thing worth noting is that her epaulettes/Sode (Samurai Shoulder pads) block her Arm Articulation A LOT. Anything higher than a Cornholio pose is impossible.

Paint and sculpt:
She got an unnecessary New Torso when the BGTeela Torso + New Armor would have worked just fine. She got new pieces for biceps, forearms and boots tat make her accurate to her filmation look. Tiny nitpick, the Tribal tattoos on her head seem to be asymmetrical.

She's burning her hair
and ass...
Here's where Mattel dropped the ball. The Not-Lightsabers could have easily been made where the energy beam was removable and we could store them on her back WITHOUT having two laser blades ready to slice her in half. I can't believe that Hasbro was able to pull this off on a retail line for kids but Mattel somehow is unable to on an ADULT COLLECTOR LINE. We also have the Ax for Oo-Larr that somehow ended up in Huntara's package. Last but not least Mattel did not make a Second head for Huntara with her Ninja-esque mask.
Huntara gets a 3.67 which is decent, but I'm a bit underwhelmed by her.

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