Jun 27, 2017

Why I believe the SNES will be the last of the "Classic mini Consoles"

It's rather obvious if you think about it... The Past two Classic Mini Consoles have been the NES and the SNES... The next one, IF it were to happen is a mini N64... we're entering the 3rd Dimension.


A lot of stuff with Rare, which is now owned by Microsoft... and one of those is a certain licensed game that WILL NOT MAKE the list...

Licensed games are a pain in the neck due to rights and stuff... No Star Wars, No Bond, No Superman64!! That last one was a joke... Laugh!
Speaking of Rare, Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark, etc. are highly unlikely to make it...

We won't see M games in it, due to the lack of ANY Mortal Kombat or any other M game in the SNES Classic. So no MK Trilogy, or Resident Evil 2 on the theoretical N64 Classic.

Not to mention Game size... I mean the NES Classic had 30 games and most NES games are mostly a few kb in size... The SNES games are mostly about 1.5 to 4Mb in size and the console "can only handle" 21 games...

So, how many can it hold?
a PS1 game is about 600-ish Mb... The N64 max capacity is 64Mb. It really depends on what hardware Nintendo is using for these mini consoles. Wouldn't be surprised if the SNES Classic is using literally the same hardware as the NES Classic and they only switched the emulator and ROMs.

So, let's see now what a theoretical 10 game N64 Classic would look like:
Using only the TOP Games, No Licenses, No Rare Games and rated from K-A (the E back then) to T

-LoZ Ocarina of Time
-LoZ Majora's Mask
-Super Mario 64
-Mario Kart 64
-Super Smash Brothers
-Star Fox 64
-F-Zero X
-Paper Mario
-Pokémon Snap
-Mario Party

As you can see on this list: It's LITERALLY FIRST PARTY GAMES... This was when Nintendo began to slip from Number One Woohoo! to Second Place... Both the big N and SEGA were getting their asses kicked by the Playstation. The Nintendo 64 was "Rare's console" aside the Big N, rare was the only one who consistently delivered GOOD GAMES... don't get me wrong, those 10 are really good games, but celebrating the N64 WITHOUT Golden Eye or Perfect Dark, due to the Bond License issues feels wrong. No Shadows of the Empire, or any other game NOT Made by the Big N feels a bit wrong... (and yes, I'm still sour on the No Chrono Trigger thing on the SNES...)

Also, I don't see anyone else jumping on the Mini console Bandwagon... they just simply are releasing all their games on Mobile

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