Nov 13, 2018

Stan Lee: Nuff said!

I suppose that you're well aware of Stan Lee's passing.
This is the part where I'd make an I see dead people reference where I curse Haley Joel Osment's necroeyesight. I can't... So, Stan Lee... Why is his death creating such a huge ripple effect on this world?

"He created the foundations of the Marvel Universe with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko." Yes, but that's not the correct answer. The correct answer is how his work helped children throughout the world deal with the harshness of life. Giving a bit of an escape of the troubles at home by watching people greater than us struggling like us to do what's right. Unlike the more "flawless" characters from the Distinguished Competition, Lee's characters were flawed individuals, like us, who had mundane troubles as well as the Superhero troubles. We can see ourselves within the characters. Whether being awkwardly neurotic like Peter Parker, feeling like a complete outcast like the X-Men, struggling with our inner demons like Bruce Banner,  just to name a few.

Stan Lee's creations were a strong influence on my childhood. Specifically the Amazing Spider-Man. My dad used to read me comics when I was little... well translate When I finally learned hiw to read in English, I recall reading a Spidey comic featuring Puma. I don't remember all the details, but I remember the excitement about being able to read all on my own and feeling the thrill and going through the emotional rollercoaster that the writer intended me to go through.
I also remember the Shea Stadium promo for the wedding.
But most importantly I remember many of the cartoons and videogames that had narrations by Stan Lee. Every time I heard the phrase "Welcome True Believers" I felt like I had returned to the place where I belonged. 

So, yeah, losing Stan Lee hurts almost as much as losing a dear relative. Now that he's gone, I KNOW I WILL CRY IN Avengers 4 when the credits display in loving memory of Stan Lee... Hell, I'm crying right now as I write this.
I don't know how to finish this rant other than this:

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