Nov 8, 2018

Thoughts on Castlevania and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina...

Because Red Dead Redemption 2 is stealing a lot of my free time, I haven't watched more than the first episode of Sabrina... I did finish Castlevania, but making a Wolverine out of Arthur Morgan and seeing Dutch descend into madness has taken a lot of my time. Will review once I reach the epilogue chapter... IF they are following the RDR formula, (which they kinda have... and currently I'm on the RDR2 equivalent of heading to the Blackwater area of the game from Mexico.) Then I fear that Arthur will kick the bucket and be replaced by a crappier character... yes, Jack Marston sucked ass in comparison to John Marston... it would be deliciously evil of Rockstar Games if they switch Arthur for John... but I'm  guessing that we're gonna end up as Dutch. I could be wrong and I will not use google for apoilers... Why am I talking RDR when I'm supposed to be talking Castlevania and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

On Sabrina:
Only watched the first episode... Really? Austin sans Ally is Harvey Kinkle? Also, so much Edge that Adam Copeland should consider suing them...
First episode was something-something Satan Satan Satan Satan something Satan third-wave feminism crap something something Satan third-wave feminism Satan and don't forget about Satan Satan Satan third-wave feminism Satan. It felt like it was trying WAAAY TOO HARD TO BE EDGY, but felt like the lovechild of The Craft amd Charmed. I think the only way to make this reboot work is an alternate track with Nick Bakay riffing the show as Salem. I'd rather watch Archies Creek... or Noelle Stevenson's cultural appropriations of She-Ra instead.

CASTLEVANIA on the other hand wasn't a ball of suck. It concluded Castlevania 3 rather nicely... aside the lack of Death and Grant. The theoretical third season should be based on Curse of Darkness... possibly leading for two spin-off seasons... The Simon Seasons which COULD BE OPTIONAL, but I'm talking about Rondo of Blood...

and its sequel... Symphony of the Night... BTW, the show better not give us  Begone you don't belong in this world, monster bullshit... but back to Castlevania 3... season 2.
They used Bloody Tears in the siege of Dracula's castle and it was glorious... The only reason I want the Simon Seasons is for them to use the REAL Castlevania theme.
Have high hopes for the rumored Zelda project by this team.

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