Nov 4, 2018

Really, Noelle? Re-he-he-heally?

The biggest gripe I've had with Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriation of She-Ra has been how horrible the outfits are and how unalien they feel... after Mermista's yoga outfit with snowboarding boots; I thought she couldn't do worse.
Noelle of course responded with: Hold my freshly sourced, appropriately paid immigrant employee picked coffee with humanely treated soy milk artisan mocha latte from a Mom and Pop coffee shop that you've never heard from because it isn't mainstream.
Can you see the immense amount of stupidity on this pic?
Alien planet that is supposed to be a cross between Renaissance Faire and Star Wars has mid 90s US Prom attires... THIS, THIS ALONE ENCAPSULATES ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH NOELLE'S (lack of) VISION. Also, the Princess Prom? Princesses do not have Proms... they have Grand Balls or Galas... Had this beena Masquerade Ball and everyone was wearing fancy alien suits, I would have praised it... BUT to be fair, the idea isn't great, but it would make sense. The problem is the execution.

Also, how original... Catra is dressed like a man... because she's a possibly Lesbian tomboy.
But really? A prom episode?
I was supposed to not being writing anything, but this stupidity BEGGED to be written about.


  1. I'm not surprised by this agenda-pushing show. I don't know if I even want to hate-watch this hot garbage. mattel should have known that this isn't going to sell toys after that fat Barbie debacle.

    1. I'm feeling like Mattel is taking a hands off approach or they no longer have much say in the property.

    2. It's been made clear that Mattel is keeping their distance from this show and sticking with the original She-Ra cartoon.