Apr 19, 2010

People who celebrate on Evil Lyn day:

Sure this day is more important to some people, but to me It's Evil Lyn day... If I'm able to get one on matty. Now while I wait for the gates of Mattel to open here's some people who celebrate more important stuff.

James Franco: You probably know him as Harry Osborn, who lost his job... wait They killed him on Spider-Man 3 so Spidey 4 being cancelled does nothing to him... He's 32.

Hayden Christensen: Who? The dude from Jumper... Ok Mannequin Skywalker. Ugh! It's not that I "Hate" Hayden's performance... It's just that Jar Jar on Episode 1 was way better than him on AotC and RotS... (Eps II and III)

Tim Curry: The concierge from the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2, Wadsworth in Clue, The Russian guy that harrassed Amy (Good Gorilla) in Congo, Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island, Kilo Khan's voice in Super Humna Samurai Cyber Squad, The bad guy from Ferngully, Still no Idea?

No this topic wasn't an excuse to use this clip... OK it was...

The guy from Monster Garage that married and cheated on Sandra Bullock and is named aftera famous outlaw... Jesse... James!!

So happy birthday to them or something... Maybe I'll do this every Matty Day... I dunno.

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