Apr 25, 2010

Odds and Ends April, 25th

Talk about unnecessary sequels and gimmicky 3-D...
Why? Oh why are they making another one? Cary Elwes (Robin Hood Men in Tights, The Princess Bride, Saw) has agreed to appear on Saw VII... Yes they are making another one... Something about Jigsaw survivors and some dark secret. Tobin Bell will appear or something... (didn't he die or something?) And this time the game will be played in 3-D...

Now THIS is a gutsy woman. Attempting to use 911 as a taxi service. Ms. Quandria(KWAN'-dree-ah) Bailey called 9-1-1 SIX times asking for a ride home from a night club... Obviously she's going to court for SIX counts of missuse of the 9-1-1 service. I wonder if she was so drunk that the only phone number she remembered was 9-1-1...

Sheesh! These criminals haven't learned a thing... Going to Prison is BAD for Criminals... Breaking INTO Prison is worse for them... yet, these guys broke IN to seal Prison TVs Why?

You know what, G.I. Joe Season 2 is coming out on Tuesday April 27th. They're final episodes of the Sunbow Series. (G.I. Joe the movie would end the Sunbow Era of GI Joe.)

This season marks the end of GI Joe as I knew it... First off we have the lamest character ever added to the Cobra Roster. Serpentor... Why the Hell was he created? He commands way more than Cobra Commander, he is ten times more annoying AND stupider than Cobra Commander... Also Serpentor's creation gave birth to Cobra La... The ShangriLa of Snakemen... also is part of the lamest battlecry EVER...


As the rest of the Sunbow series there is a combination of plausible fantastic and Waay bizarre episodes that make reference to older episodes of Season 1 (some continuity in a cartoon form the 80s? Madness!!!) The Addition of Serpentor has always bugged me. I found out that Hasbro created Serpentor solely to sell more toys (Duh! they're a Toy company.) What I mean is that Hasbro forced Serpentor upon the cartoon writers, comic writers, etc.
Yes Serpentor is the point where GI Joe starts the downward Spiral... WHere did it lead to?

While the theme song isn't that bad... (A Real American Hero kicks it's butt all the way to next Thursday.)

Now I wonder will Serpentor ever make it to the Live Action Movies? I only hope that GI Joe, the Rob Leifeld Edition never sees the light of day EVER AGAIN!! Just becaus eyou add the word "EXTREME" to the title does not make it so.

So as the "great" Serpentor would say: Keep Reading my blog!! THIS I COMMAND!!!

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