Apr 5, 2010

Annoying ads that haunt my subconscious.

Ads are a necessary evil. They make us want crap that we don't need. Some of them are crappy others are good. Some are annoying and haunt my subconscious. (either by having a catchy tune or something else.)

Let's start the list with:

I've been humming ♪Ice cream and cake and cake♫ for a while. The song is catchy, annoying and can't get it out of my head. It's also making me crave Ice Cream and Cake... this reminds me of another song by the buckwheat boyz. That song is catchy and annoying as well.

Now this one is not as catchy, but there are so many different advertisements (sometimes shown back to back) that bring a chill to my soul. I'm talking about Car insurance ads. Some are less annoying than others.

Progressive They are not THAT annoying unless they are bunched together. (rarely happens.) This one in particular has stuck with me for a while in my subconscious since everyone loves TACOS!)
The Geico cavemen were so popular that got a TV show (which sank faster than the Titanic). The first few ads were somewhat funny in a sophisticated kind of way. (with a tinge of social criticism about racism.) They are annoying (I chose the least annoying one.) but there is something FAR more annoying than the Geico Cavemen... no, not the Geico Gecko.

The money with eyes ANNOYS ME to no end!! I miss Don LaFontaine... R.I.P. Mr. Movie voiceover man...

Yes I have a soft spot for these especially those that start with the: HI! BILLY MAYS HERE! We miss you Billy! Oxiclean ads are not the same without you. Not even Anthony Sullivan (Who I confuse with Ron Poppeil and I don't know why.) can make the Oxiclean ads as cool as you. I don't like the new Oxiclean female voice they are using now. But back on the annoying infomercials:

The ShamWow jerk. That guy IS annoying. He acts like a douchebag that's trying to be funny (also he's ripping off Billy Mays' ads selling products similar to Billy's)

I know I mentioned this one before. It's annoying, but at least it's not Jared.

TV show promos: Not only they force the end credits on shows to be on Fast Forward and squashed to one side, they appear CONSTANTLY on TV. Sometimes on different Networks (if they have the same "Parent Network", Like MTV and Nickelodeon, VH1 and MTV, etc.)

The new season doesn't even start till summer and now I have to endure this little ad OVER AND OVER... (Even I'm starting to get sick of her.) Worse than that are the TBS Saved by the Bell promos.
I'm So excited!

I'd better get the slow-mo version of this ad.

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