Apr 19, 2010

It Came From The Toy Chest!!! War Machine

Ok it's not so much as an extravagganza but I did get the Iron Man 2 Movie War Machine (I normally hate these little guys because they killed Marvel Legends, but I need something to keep myself occupied till "Lyngate" (Today is when Mattycollector.com will sell Evil Lyn. if you're interested... I hope not cause I need to get mine...GRR!!! Just kidding...)

As you can see the package for Iron Man 2 toys is cool looking (They need to grab the kids' attention after all) There is something I'd like to point out... The words: MOVIE SERIES. They're there to help people ID the series because the Iron Man 2 line has: Movie Series with designs from the movies, Comic series, with designs straight from the comics, and CONCEPT Series: The mostly weird and sometimes silly Toyetic versions of a character. (Miley Cyrus' Peeping Tom Iron Man Armor and Meyerpire Sparkling Armor would fall in this category)

Heeeeeere's Rhodey! and this is what he's got:
2 Gattling Guns (one normal and the fugly OversizedMissile Launcher version. I hate the missile launchers and the oversized missiles. At least it's not GI JOE ROC oversized.)
2 Oversized missiles.
3 Cards with some numbers on them... (and a link that redirects you to marvel comics) they look cool on the stand included.
a REEEALLY short ammo belt that can be used with any of the 2 guns.

Rhodey can move! His head movement is a bit limited and gets worse when his guns are in firing position. His shoulderpads are hinged to allow some movement on his arms.
The arms have the "Hasbro Elbow" (a ball joint on the elbow that eliminates the bicep swivel)
His wrists rotate. (since Rhodey's left hand is open to simulate a repulsor blast when you rotate his wrist it almost looks like Rhodey is doing the Beauty Pageant salute.)His torso rotates and he's got Ball joints on the hips (VEERY TIGHT on my fig.) Double jointed knees and "Joe Feet" (hinged ball joint on the ankles.) are the rest of the articulation on this figure. As a bonus his guns can move from a "firing" position to an "at ease" position thanks to 2 hinges on his back.

Now for the scores: As usual the scale is 1-5 with 1 being a junky piece of plastic that not even McD would want that on their happy meals and 5 is a gift from the Toy Gods...
Overall: Warmachine gets a 4.67

Articulation: 4.5 True that Rhodey has Articulation up the wazoo, but the Extremely tight ball joints on his hips reduce partially his leg movement. Also the little range of motion on his head harms him a bit.
Paint Job: 5.0 It's very hard to paint a figure that small with that much detail without having a sloppy paint job. fortunately my figure has zero sloppy paint job (If it does it's unnoticeable.) He's got some numbers probably to ID the amor that were tampographed.

Accessories: 4.5 I might hate the missiles but they're a kid pleaser... What I think that sucks is the little ammo belt... Almost always pops off.

Now If Hasbro could take this little guy and make a 6 inch version of it that DIDN'T SUCK!! then that would rule!

Stay tuned because I have another Marvel surprise up my sleeve... maybe after "Lyngate"

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