Apr 26, 2010

3D, 3D, 3 Fricking D!

Come on! Step Up in 3D!? That's it! 3D movies have become ultra gimmicky.
Don't get me wrong, we've had a couple of good 3D movies, but this is insane. Are they going to make EVERYTHING on 3D now!?

I smell Transformers in 3D... yes! Robots peeing on John Tuturro in 3D, Megan Fox strutting her talent... in 3D... True that the action scenes will kick ass, I just don't want to bother wth another bayformers movie.
Shrek is coming in 3D, os are Saw, Breaking Dawn, etc.
3D is the new CGI... good when used properly very crappy if done wrong and overused... (Robert Rodriguez I am looking at you...)

I like 3D movies. Ninja Assassin should've been 3D.
As I said before not Every movie should be 3D, like nnot Every movie needs to have CGI in Every scene... You hear that George Lucas? CGI Overkill is BAAAAAAAAADDD!

It won't be long till Videogames want to ride the 3D videogaming... No I don't mean using 3D graphics... I mean 3d gaming as in needing funky 3D glasses (like the Virtual Boy) to play games... Might bring us one step closer to the Holodeck, but I'm not too into that.

As long as books stay in 2D I'm ok...

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