Apr 29, 2011

Looking back on final Fantasy X saga, ya!

Final Fantasy X, the first Ps2 Final Fantasy. The first Final Fantasy with Voice Acting and the first Final Fantasy to get rid of the "World Map". That's not what I'm going to talk about... Although I will mention some stuff on the... voice... acting! This rant is mostly about the characters, the story throughout the two games: Final Fantasy X and it's sequel X-2.

First I'll start with the story and characters of FFX: There will be Spoilers... (The game is over 8 years old, ya!)
A young man gets transported to another world by a giant monster named Sin. He travels with a Summoner (a Holy Warrior who is supposed to destroy Sin) and her Guardians, while he tries to find a way to return home.

Tidus (The player character): He's the young man stranded in a different world. He's our link to the story, since like him we don't know the customs of Spira. We're learning them with him as we go along. He's mostly cheery, somewhat whiny, a nice refreshing change from the moody heroes like Cloud or Squall.(Yes Zidane was a happy go lucky character too, but we're talking Tidus here!) He also has a bone to pick with his father, he will drop hints about that a LOT throughout the game.

Yuna: The Summoner whose whole purpose in life is to destroy Sin. Most, if not all of her actions are guided in the name of a greater good.

Wakka: Annoying Racist, close-minded bigot with a heart of gold. He's a Blitzball jock/Yuna's Guardian. Why do I call him an annoying Racist, close-minded bigot with a heart of gold, ya?
He's a bit annoying, whenever something clashes with his beliefs... (The Al Bhed people, machines can bring on some of his annoying side...) He hates the Al Bhed people for no reason other than his religion told him to hate them. Deep down he's a nice guy, ya!

Khimari: A Ronso warrior (a Lion like humanoid) Silent and EXTREMELY Protective of Yuna.

Auron: Badass Ronin warrior. He helped Yuna's Father defeat Sin 10 years ago. He's been looking over Tidus and Yuna these last 10 years. Yes, he's been in both worlds.

Lulu: Another of Yuna's Guardians. Grumpy, kinda insensitive at times, but looks out for Yuna like an older sister.

Rikku: A young Al Bhed... (as in the people that Wakka hates). Extremely cheery and upbeat.

Now this dysfunctional "family" help Yuna gathering the Summon beasts along the way needed to defeat Sin. Along the way they discover that things aren't what they seem... and that could shake their world to the core... (Felt like a comic book editor for a moment)
The Religion of Spira (Yevon) is controlled by a group of corrupt priests... Heck their Pope is undead! The whole destroying Sin is a bunch of bull, since Sin always comes back after a small period of peace. Yevon uses the summoners as pawns to keep the people in line. (Sin is their punishment for using machines, or whatever. You must obey Yevon in order to get atonement.)
The Summon Beasts (aeons) reveal to Tidus that he's part of a Dream from the past. Tidus' world is a dream and Spira is the real world... Still he helps Yuna defeat Sin (Who was Tidus' dad...) ands then they defeat the true "evil" Yu Yevon, the spirit of an ancient summoner who keeps recreating Sin... He looks like a weird Tick. Yuna had to sacrifice her Aeons to kill Yevon, then Tidus fades, since he's a dream of the Aeons. After the end credits Tidus rises from the water...
Then comes X-2...
Yuna went from this
to this...
To quote Matt Kennedy Gould: What is going on?

OK, Yuna is some sort of Treasure Hunter/Pop Star... that behaves like a Rikku Wannabe.
Rikku is Rikku... with less clothing... their new Partner, Paine, is like a female Squall Leonhart... (Emo kid from FFVIII)

Yuna became a sphere hunter because she saw a sphere of Tidus and she tried to find him. She got involved in a huge mess. Two warring factions, and the ghost of a guy who looks like Tidus hellbent on destroying the world with a Piano gun! but most of the story passes by without you noticing cause, you're to busy inducing monkeys to mate, selling tickets to a concert, running around dressed like a moogle, or other bunch of weird fetch quests, silly minigames while trying to figure out what's going on... (or obtaining 100% game completion) Basically you're going through this because you saw a dude that looks like your "imaginary" Boyfriend...

Yuna has de-evolved as a character. She's become a silly little girl! She is now more selfish and immature! (Not counting the whole skimpy outfits thing...) These changes reek of Fan Service, which pretty much sums up the game.
To be fair, it has it's good moments... (Wakka growing up as a character, um... that's pretty much it...)
and the "sad ending" Which in my opinion is the better ending. Bringing him back makes his sacrifice from FFX pointless...

What I'm trying to say is that Sequels and Final Fantasy don't mix... Especially those who rely on fan service to move the game...

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