Apr 23, 2011

WWE's PG era is getting to my nerves!

I love wrestling... I loved the WWE back when it was the WWF.
My fave wrestler from the 80s. I admit that in the early 90s I kinda left wrestling, but returned in the late 90s. Later on the Smackdown! games revived the wrestling love in me. I was hooked once more. The WWE was going through a "mature" phase... Some of it was ridiculously over the top and a tad "disturbing", but it kept me hooked. Suddenly I stopped watching the WWE in the late 00s... Tried to watch once again, but I couldn't watch it anymore! It was like someone or something sucked the fun out of Wrestling Entertainment!

It's called the PG Era:
-Gone are the (in)famous Bra and Panties Matches! I can hear Jerry Lawler crying... Also Lawler's semi lecherous comments have been toned down.
-The matches are extremely watered down.
-The Red stains on the ring are virtually non-existent anymore... No blood... the few chairshots are only done to the back, because a chair to the face is a big no-no.
-Even the moves got their names changed!

The FU is now an "attitude adjustment"

-Worst part is that the PG era has infected the videogames! Gone are the days where I culd create a female wrestler and have her kick ass! You haven't exploited the CaW system until you see Hannah Montana doing a Pedigree on Big Show! Now that's impossible, because the recent WWE games don't allow a fair male vs female match... Just picture you're playing street fighter and you're using Bison. Your opponent is now Chun Li. She can hit you, but if you hit her you lose the fight... That's how it works now on the WWE

If this was a videogame Miley would lay the smackdown on both Cena and Jackson... PG WWE is almost as exciting as Hannah Montana... Then again, I'm a Hannah fan, but WWE isn't doing it for me...

Somehow my gut is telling me that the PG era of the WWE has something to do with Mattel...
or the death of Benoit... I'm going to go with Mattel, since they always give me enough reasons to complain about stuff... yet I buy their products... (Except WWE toys... I ain't buying those!)

I don't want the return of events like the "Katie Vick incident", but a WWE that is less neutered... with more "oomph!" Now that a lot of the "superstars" from the attitude era are either retiring or going to TNA, this is the chance to see new talent (with decent gimmicks and decent in-ring ability.) right now the WWE doesn't have this. It's kinda weird that the best heels in the WWE are not even real wrestlers

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