Apr 1, 2011

Odds and Ends: Friday, Friday, April 1st MMXI

It's Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! and It's my turn to talk about the Extremely disliked Rebecca Black song: Friday
If you've been living under a rock the video I posted IS the infamous song!
The video has been viewed over 74,000,000 times and it has about 180,000 Likes vs over 1,450,000 Dislikes!

Why the disgust against this song?
  1. The Lyrics. I'm no songwriter, but when you have t fill your song with Hyper "Duh!" statements such as:"Yesterday was Thursday" "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes After... wards"
  2. Autotune Abuse: I'm not sure if the girl is a good singer or not, but the Autotune makes her sound like a screeching little harpy. The screeches are almost ear-bleeding screams from tortured souls. That's just at the beginning of the song! The droning part comes after... wards!
  3. The Video: Yes it's "professionally made", but at the same time it's AWFUL! The video was mostly filmed in front of a blue/green screen and it can be noticeable at times... Not 70s noticeable, but noticeable that makes it kinda distracting.
    The kids are supposed to be around Rebecca's age (13) Why in the HELL is a 13 year old kid driving a car!? Not only that, but driving on a highway while three kids are practically standing on a convertible's backseat.

  4. What the Hell is up with the Rapper dude!? He's apparently stalking the kids. Kinda Creepy don't you think? (BTW that dude was the one who wrote this and one of the owners of ARK Music Factory.
Now those are the reasons to dislike the Video and song. I do find a bit over the top to hate the girl. Yeah she's 13 and not a pro, but asking for her head... That's a bit too much... Seems hypocritical from a Bieber hater...
The dislike of Rebecca black is not just for Mere mortals... A certain Celebrity who became a star by bonding with a hairy symbiote dislikes Black as well. To be more precise She dislikes the Popularity Black has gained, lashes against the Internet (Well, she used to tweet, mess around on a Youtube Channel and now those are evil?)

My biggest problem is that Rebecca Black is unavoidable... Friday has become the new Rickroll. Even on my local radio stations they had the "Friday! Friday! gotta get down on Friday!" jingle!

Mattel revealed Today at Wondercon TWO MOTUC Figures: Leech and Hurricane Hordak! I got to admit, They LOOK AWESOME!! Sure this won't help me solve the issues related to my order on the 15th (order sent to the wrong place and refused, forced to reorder on the 29th through CS)

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